Geology and Engineering- Interdisciplinary Engineering and Science

Geological Engineering is interdisciplinary with faculty from the College of Engineering and the College of Letters and Science. Geological Engineering integrates two disciplines – geology and engineering. Geologists study the earth – its origins, its composition, and its evolution. Engineers apply scientific principles to practical ends, such as the design and construction of facilities for practical use by society. Geological engineers find the best ways to use the earth’s resources to solve technical problems while protecting the environment.

Geological, Mining, and Geotechnical Engineering 2nd Technical Conference and Alumni Reunion

The Geological, Mining, and Geotechnical Engineering 2nd Technical Conference and Alumni Reunion was held in Madison from September 13-15, 2017. What a great crowd and great time! Over 100 alumni, faculty, and students attended to enjoy a stimulating program of technical talks, learn about ongoing and planned activities in the Geological Engineering Program, recognize our distinguished alumni and faculty, and catch up with old friends. One highlight of the event was a banquet to honor former recipients of the College of Engineering Distinguished Alumni Award, including Malcolm Theobald (BS Mining, 1983), Tom Doe (PhD Mining, 1980), and Paul La Pointe (PhD Mining, 1980). Professors Herb Wang and Craig Benson were recognized for their significant contributions to the formation and growth of the GLE program. Students Morgan Sanger and Idil Akin were presented with the Bezalel Haimson Award and Norman Severson Geotechnical Engineering Award, respectively. Our program is unique and the people involved in its past and present are just outstanding. We are looking forward to our next reunion in 2022. Mark your calendars!

Pictured above, alumni, faculty, and students gathered for the event’s banquet. From left to right: Bill Likos, Jamie Robertson, Lee Petersen, Angela Pakes, Malcolm Theobald, Kevin Eisen, Christine Griffith, and Hiroki Sone

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GLE Student Groups

Geological Engineering Student Chapter

GLE Student Chapter is an undergraduate student led club. Meetings are generally held every other Tuesday evening. Typically, meetings are centered around an industry professional, GLE alum, or professor presenting on projects or research. The point of these meetings is to enlighten the undergraduate and graduate members about the various opportunities that exist as a professional engineer.

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GSO: Geo-Institute

The UW-Madison Graduate Student Organization (UWGSO) will function to enrich the educational and personal experiences of students interested in the various facets of geotechnical engineering, including foundation design, retention structures, ground improvement, geoenvironmental, geological, and geophysical engineering. The organization will be committed to growing both the awareness of geotechnical engineering as well as UW-Madison’s reputation as a leader in geotechnical engineering education. The UWGSO will foster community among UW-Madison’s geotechnical engineers past and present.
Major objectives include:

  • Supporting the Geo-Institute to grow student membership and participation
  • Increasing awareness among civil engineering, geological engineering, and
    geology undergraduates of the geotechnical engineering field, through
    geotechnical engineering graduate school and professional opportunities
  • Fostering interaction and collaboration among the UW-Madison geotechnical
    engineering community
  • Facilitating the planning of semesterly events within the department
  • Serving as a representative for the geotechnical engineering students in
    dialogue with the UW-Madison Civil and Environmental Engineering and
    Geological Engineering faculty
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