// Electrical & Computer Engineering

Powerful new photodetector can enable optoelectronics advances

In today's increasingly powerful electronics, tiny materials are a must as manufacturers seek to increase performance without adding bulk. Smaller also is better for optoelectronic…

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// Biomedical Engineering

Old bones lead to new strategy for drug delivery

Taking a hint from archaeology, where centuries-old bones and teeth have been found to harbor intact biological proteins, a team of Wisconsin scientists has devised…

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// Biomedical Engineering

Building a biological control switch with light, genetics, and engineering ingenuity

A user-friendly switch for controlling room temperature, the thermostat is a classic example of the kind of tools engineers build. For biological systems research, Megan…

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// Engineering Physics, Industrial & Systems Engineering

New course will teach students how to fly drones, collect data

This summer, the University of Wisconsin–Madison College of Engineering added a new way for students to navigate the skies: a course on drones. The first…

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