// Materials Science & Engineering

Layers without limits: Advance enables researchers to stack complex oxides at will

In the technology world, complex oxides are “wonder” materials that can have a wide array of electronic, magnetic and optical properties. As a result, they…

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// Engineering Physics

Gaining traction: Discovery sheds new light on how cells move

When we cut our skin, groups of cells rush, en masse, to the site to heal the wound. But the complicated physics and mechanics of…

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// Engineering Physics, Electrical & Computer Engineering

New international fusion lab will drive stellarator innovation

For years University of Wisconsin-Madison plasma physicists in the College of Engineering have been key collaborators in fusion research at the Wendelstein 7-X, the largest…

Tags: 2020, Faculty, News, research

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// Electrical & Computer Engineering

Optical illusion: New coating looks cool, even when it’s not

An ultrathin coating developed by University of Wisconsin-Madison engineers upends a ubiquitous physics phenomenon of materials related to thermal radiation: The hotter an object gets,…

Tags: 2019, Faculty, News, research

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