Mechanical Engineering

We are among the top mechanical engineering programs in the nation, chosen by 1080 undergraduates and 230 graduate students. The Mechanical Engineering faculty are researching solutions to important problems in energy efficiency and the environment, biomechanics, robotics, and other emerging technologies that advance our society. Our curriculum includes significant hands-on activities and produces some of the most qualified and respected engineers in the field.

The Department of Mechanical Engineering is home to 36 faculty, 10 instructional staff, and 20 faculty affiliates (browse the directory).

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We are hiring up to four assistant professors for an August 2022 start:

  • machine learning, AI, and data-driven approaches to modeling, simulation, and design; and
  • robotics, controls, and automation.

Earn your degree

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

As an undergraduate working toward your bachelor’s degree, you learn the science and engineering principles of designing and building machines, structures, components, powertrains, pumps, compressors, turbines, engines, power plants, furnaces, refrigerators, air conditioners, and more. In addition to the formal classes, you can join exciting student project teams that build robots, human-powered vehicles, and experimental cars.

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Master of Science and PhD in Mechanical Engineering

Graduate students benefit from a tier-one research university, working on pioneering research through grants from industry and government. Additionally, the department’s series of distinguished seminar speakers broadens exposure to current research endeavors in both academia and industry. Many of our graduates go on to academic careers as research or tenure track professors, while others will secure advanced positions in industrial and research institution careers.

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