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Anna Sailor accepts the Faustin Prinz Scholarship from the Mechanical Engineering Department Chair, Professor Jaal Ghandhi.

Scholarships@UW-Madison is designed to help prospective and continuing students find undergraduate scholarship details within one site. Instead of navigating individual schools and colleges, you can use this comprehensive resource to find UW-Madison scholarships for which you are eligible.

Several departments and organizations offer scholarships and awards to deserving College of Engineering Students.

Scholarships for New Students

Freshman Academic Achievement Award

Eligibility: Outstanding high school seniors who have been admitted to the College of Engineering for the upcoming fall semester.
Major: Any in engineering
Number of awards: 120
Amount of award: $3,000 (non-renewable); $2,000 (non-renewable); $1000 (non-renewable)
Application deadline: February 1

After your application for admission has been filed, you can apply for scholarships by following the instructions below. Do not wait to hear from the Office of Undergraduate Admissions in regard to your acceptance to UW-Madison to apply for the Freshman Achievement Award. Your admission will be verified prior to making an offer.

1. Visit My UW-Madison.
2. Click the Finances tab.
3. Click the “Enter Scholarships@UW-Madison” link in the box

New Freshman LEED (Leaders in Engineering Excellence and Diversity) Scholarship

Class level: Freshman students
Major: Any in engineering
Number of awards: Varies.
Amount of award: Varies.
Application deadline: April 1
Application active in mid-February.
Academically-talented incoming engineering undergraduate students who are underrepresented in engineering, including women of all ethnicity, African-American, Latina/o, Southeast Asian, Native American/Hawaiian Native/Alaskan Native, and Pacific Islander, low income and/or educationally disadvantaged students. A Free Application for Student Financial Aid (FASFA) verified by UW-Madison Office of Financial Aid is required for awards.
Contact: Diversity Affairs Office

Scholarships for Current Students

Eligibility: For currently enrolled engineering students
Major: Students can apply for program-specific scholarships
Application deadline: May 1st
Number of awards: Varies
Amount of award: Varies

Visit Scholarships@UW-Madison to find and apply for your departmental scholarships.

Eligibility: For currently enrolled engineering students
Major: Any engineering major
Application deadline: May 1st
Number of awards: Varies
Amount of award: Varies

Visit Scholarships@UW-Madison to find and apply for scholarships.

Other Scholarship and Award Opportunities

Astronaut Scholarship Program

Class level: Sophomore, junior, senior
Major: Any in engineering or science
Number of awards: 2
Amount of award: $10,000
Nominations Due: January 2015
Eligibility: Sophomores, juniors, or seniors studying mathematics, science, or technology in the College of Engineering or College of Letters and Science. This is a highly competitive program, so students with cumulative grade point averages higher than 3.6 are strongly encouraged to participate.

Application files and a description of the program are provided at: Astronaut Scholarship, specifically including:

1. A description of the program
2. Instructions for nomination packages
3. A checklist of all items needed for a complete nomination package
5. A financial status form

Nomination packages are due internal to UW no later than January. From the nomination packages, two will be selected to be sent to the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation as part of the final national competition for the awards.

Please send complete application packages as PDF files to:

Class level: Sophomore, junior, senior
Major: Any in engineering
Number of awards: Varies
Amount of award: Varies between $300 and $5,000.
Application deadline: Varies; usually in early March
Eligibility: Outstanding student.
Contact: Polygon Engineering Council, 608/265-2212.

Some engineering student organizations and their national affiliates, such as the Society of Women Engineers and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, offer scholarships to undergraduate and graduate students. Consult individual student organizations registered with the College of Engineering Student Leadership Center for more information.

Contact your high school guidance counselor or one of the three military training programs at UW-Madison.

Air Force ROTC/Aerospace Studies: 1433 Monroe Street, 608/262-3440.
Army ROTC/Military Science: 1910 Linden Drive, 608/262-3411.
Navy ROTC/Naval Sciences and Marine Corps: 1610 University Avenue, 608/262-3794.

Undergraduate Academic Awards Office

The UAA Office is a resource center for UW undergraduates and recent graduates interested in applying for campus-wide and nationally competitive scholarships.


Please visit the UW-Madison Office of Student Financial Aid for additional information.