Graduate Admissions


Traditional, Interdisciplinary and Online Programs

If you’re planning to apply for graduate studies in the College of Engineering, you’ve made an excellent choice. You’ll be part of an elite and vibrant group of scholars on a campus known for its research preeminence. You’ll work with top-tier faculty who are invested in your success—and you’ll find a climate that supports you and encourages collaboration. We believe the best solutions happen when people exchange ideas and work together to bring their vision to fruition.

At UW-Madison, we rank among the leaders in annual research expenditures. We have a long history of innovation—and as a college, we have disclosed more than 100 patents annually for the past decade and a half. Through our research centers and consortia, we maintain relationships with industry and government—and those relationships, in turn, provide you valuable contacts and experience.

Graduate degrees at the College of Engineering can be categorized by traditional, interdisciplinary and online programs. Visit our graduate academics page to learn more about these programs and how to apply.

How to apply

At UW-Madison, graduate admission is a shared process between academic degree programs and the Graduate School. The Graduate School sets minimum admission requirements; academic programs may have additional requirements.

Here’s an overview of the application process. And, once you have researched the graduate program(s) in which you are interested, you can apply online.

If you are applying to a Professional Online Master’s Degree or Certificate you can learn more about the process by visiting the Engineering Professional Development degree website.