Engineering Study Abroad


Study abroad can play a significant role in enhancing your undergraduate education. With approximately 20 programs specifically for engineering students, an international experience can help you develop confidence and cross-cultural skills for the job market, and gain flexibility, adaptability, and problem-solving skills at the same time it fulfills your quest for adventure and learning.

Academic Resources for Engineering Students

You are encouraged to consult the Major Advising Pages (MAPS) for your and similar engineering majors. This tool will provide helpful information to guide your planning. It offers general information about studying abroad as an engineering student, specific recommendations for your major, and even programs that work well based on established equivalencies at the respective host institutions.

All participants on programs offered in partnership with the College of Engineering (indicated by an orange gear icon in the program search and ENGR abbreviation) earn pass/fail credit unless they take courses abroad that fulfill degree requirements for a second major or a certificate outside of the College of Engineering, in which case A-F grades are issued for those courses.

ENGR programs are not considered in-residence.

Participants on ENGR programs are required to take a minimum of 50% engineering, science, or math courses abroad. This could be more depending on the host institution’s requirements.

If you are a College of Engineering student and plan to take any of your last 24 credits abroad, you must request special permission to do so and complete a 24 credit waiver form prior to confirming your participation. Approval is granted or denied on a case-by-case basis. With this permission, you can study abroad your second to last semester. However, you cannot graduate abroad, and must return to UW-Madison to complete at least one full time semester before finishing your degree. Contact your Study Abroad Advisor to initiate this process.

Program List

Certificate in International Engineering

The Certificate in International Engineering demonstrates your knowledge of a specific country or region other than the United States. For general advising and questions regarding the Certificate in International Engineering, please contact us at or by making an appointment through Starfish in your MyUW Student Center. Requirements and application materials are available through the Certificate in International Engineering  webpage.

Neale Silva Scholarship for Chilean Students

The Neale Silva scholarship is intended specifically for Chilean citizens who would like to attend UW-Madison and be involved in the practical fields of science and technology. This scholarship is coordinated by the Latin American, Caribbean and Iberian Studies Program. Explore more about the program and application process here.


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