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Curiosity is woven into the very fabric of who we are. Challenges don’t daunt us. They intrigue us and fuel what we do. And the world-class faculty, staff and students in our college find great meaning and satisfaction in finding solutions, developing technologies, building devices, and improving systems that enhance the lives of those around us. A powerhouse in research, teaching and service, our college and its departments and programs enjoy consistently high rankings. That’s one aspect of our quality and the unique Wisconsin engineering experience you will have, regardless of whether you enroll here as a student or whether you join the College of Engineering faculty or staff.

Every year, approximately 4,500 undergraduates, 1,500 graduate students and 11,000 practicing engineers benefit from the knowledge of our faculty—passionate educators who also are respected worldwide for their expertise and discoveries. They transform our classrooms and laboratories into interactive environments rich with discourse and blooming with new ideas. We don’t simply think, however. We do. And we are recognized worldwide for our discoveries and innovations. Here, you’ll find a sample of the many measures of our excellence.


Fall 2021 rankings for 2022

  • Biomedical engineering—#21 (#8 among public universities)
  • Chemical engineering—#10 (#7 among public universities)
  • Civil engineering—#16 (#11 among public universities)
  • Computer engineering—#13 (#7 among public universities)
  • Electrical engineering—#16 (#10 among public universities)
  • Engineering physics—specialty area, not listed
  • Environmental engineering—#21 (#13 among public universities)
  • Industrial/manufacturing engineering—#8 (#7 among public universities)
  • Materials engineering—#14 (#8 among public universities)
  • Mechanical engineering—#18 (#10 among public universities)
  • Nuclear engineering—#2
  • College of Engineering—#15 (#8 among public universities)

With opportunities to study under internationally renowned faculty and research staff in highly ranked programs, our graduate students are among the world’s elite. They are highly sought for faculty positions at major universities and for leadership and technical roles in government and industry.

Not all programs are ranked every year. For 2022, the College of Engineering graduate program is No. 26 (tied for #13 among public universities). Our current program rankings include:

  • Biomedical engineering—#21 (#6 among public universities)
  • Chemical engineering—#12 (#8 among public universities)
  • Civil engineering—#17 (#10 among public universities)
  • Computer engineering—#14 (#8 among public universities)
  • Electrical engineering—#16 (#8 among public universities)
  • Engineering Professional Development, distance degrees—#8
  • Environmental engineering—#20 (#11 among public universities)
  • Industrial/manufacturing engineering—#8 (#4 among public universities)
  • Materials engineering—#15 (#8 among public universities)
  • Mechanical engineering—#17 (#9 among public universities)
  • Nuclear engineering—#7 (#6 among public universities)

UW-Madison regularly receives multiple accolades—among them, top-50 worldwide, top-15 nationally, top-five in research expenditures, top in study-abroad participation, high in affordability, and many more.


  • Approximately 4,500 undergraduate students
  • Approximately 1,500 graduate students
  • Approximately 11,000 professional engineering education students
  • 33 professors named to the National Academy of Engineering
  • 4 professors named to the National Academy of Sciences
  • 2 professors named to the Institute of Medicine
  • 120+ faculty recipients of National Science Foundation Presidential Young Investigator, PECASE, or CAREER awards.
  • 10+ annual recipients of College of Engineering awards for outstanding teaching, research and service
  • 15+ consecutive years of more than 100 patent disclosures
  • 35+ research centers, 10+ of which include industrial consortium activities with more than 250 corporate members

College of Engineering alumni are creative thinkers, innovators, entrepreneurs and leaders in virtually every field imaginable. Read about some of these remarkable alumni who have made their mark on the world.

The college Engineering Career Services team works year-round to connect engineering employers with talented students and alumni seeking internships, co-operative educational experiences, and professional positions. The office annually coordinates two major career fairs that draw hundreds of employers and thousands of students.

Prior to their graduation, approximately 85 percent of bachelor’s degree recipients complete at least one internship or co-operative experience.

Student interns or co-ops earn, on average, 75 percent of a full-time engineering salary and gain valuable real-world experience.

Engineering Career Services works with thousands of employers.