We are a thriving, top-ranked college in Madison, Wisconsin—one of the most fantastic cities in the country. We think boldly and act confidently, not only as engineers, but as engaged citizens. As an engineering community, we value unique perspectives, we foster respect and inclusivity, and we work together to bring new ideas to life. Building on a heritage of impact, we develop the leaders, knowledge and technologies that improve lives now and create a better future. Underlying all of our efforts is the strength of one of the top research universities in the world.

Our engineering disciplines reflect not only our history, but also a tremendous opportunity: Where others see obstacles, we see the potential for innovation and an ability to make a difference with solutions that matter.

Our faculty have strong support structures for collaborating across disciplinary boundaries—and as a result, they accomplish great things. Our college plays a major role in UW-Madison’s consistently high national ranking for research expenditures, as well as the number of patents filed through the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF), one of the oldest university technology-transfer offices in the nation. We are key drivers of economic and social progress: Through WARF, and other endeavors such as spin-off companies and work directly with industry partners, the fruits of our research extend into businesses and industries worldwide.

We admit top students—and their experiences at UW-Madison empower and enable them to further grow as thinkers, doers, professionals and leaders. 100% of students learn engineering by actually doing it—whether in state-of-the art classrooms or laboratories, through internships and co-operative work experiences, student organizations, volunteer work, creative projects they realize in their free time in facilities such as our TEAM Lab or makerspace, or in many other “beyond-the-classroom” ways. They also learn from top researchers who enjoy teaching and strive to be the best they can be. These faculty and staff weave their research into their teaching, creating a learning environment rich with context, discourse and new ideas that benefit and inspire everyone. Employers value our well-rounded graduates, and annually, more than 1,300 employers recruit our students.

Our alumni base is more than 50,000 strong—and includes people whose job titles not only include the word “engineer,” but also range from astronaut to CEO to entrepreneur and many, many, many more. They are deeply proud of their engineering education and the opportunities it has presented them. They are part our college’s past, present and future of making a difference beyond our campus, and through them, our college has influenced some of the greatest achievements in the world—including the Hoover Dam, the Panama Canal, and the development of the integrated circuit.