The University of Wisconsin-Madison College of Engineering is taking bold steps into the future of research and education.

UW-Madison’s many core strengths across engineering disciplines reflect not only our history of innovation, but also a tremendous opportunity. Our faculty have strong support structures for collaborating across disciplinary boundaries in application areas including healthcare, energy, advanced manufacturing, and materials innovation.

We’re also giving our students a more practical and well-rounded preparation for the workforce than ever before. Our undergraduates are already among the most talented in the field, and now they enjoy growing access to the new educational models and learning experiences.

Our faculty, staff, and students are making extraordinary strides to ensure that UW-Madison engineers remain key drivers of economic and social progress. In academia, industry, and public service alike, Wisconsin engineers are better equipped than ever to apply what they know to challenges—in healthcare, the environment, security, energy and others—that are important now and will be critical for our future.

Check out the gallery below for a small sample of the ways in which UW-Madison engineers are creating that future, or visit our newsroom to read even more.