Top middle- and high-school math students tour Pegasus

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Students tour Pegasus

Wisconsin middle- and high-school students tour Pegasus for math department honors day. (large image)

While outdoors the weather was rainy and cold, indoors on May 6 some of the state’s top middle- and high-school student mathematical minds heated up during a tour of Pegasus, the highly successful fusion-energy science research experiment developed by Engineering Physics Professor Raymond J. Fonck and his team of graduate and undergraduate students.

On campus for Honors Day, a celebration for the top point-scorers on 25 challenging math problems distributed during the school year by the university’s mathematics department for the Mathenmatics, Science and Engineering Talent Search, about 25 students also participated in math and science lectures, a problem-solving competition and a luncheon and awards ceremony. For their achievements on an additional exam, two students won the Van Vleck Scholarship, a four-year scholarship to the university totaling $16,000.