Third Way: Is nuclear too innovative?

// Engineering Physics

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This article from Third Way was co-authored by Todd Allen, engineering physics professor and thrust leader for the Grainger Institute for Engineering’s Energy and Sustainability research area.

In his Feb 13th web article on Toshiba’s heavy losses in its nuclear division, our colleague Michael Shellenberger argues that nuclear energy is in crisis due to a toxic combination of anti-nuclear zealotry, Kafkaesque regulatory excess, and engineers gone wild. There is nothing wrong with 70’s era light-water reactors, he claims, that rolling back regulations at the NRC and standardizing nuclear designs and deployment wouldn’t solve. Indeed, he goes further and argues that efforts to commercialize reactor designs that are easier and cheaper to build and operate are counter-productive, standing in the way of the tried and true path to nuclear deployment, namely standardized deployment of large light-water reactors. More…