BME Undergraduate Design Expo

The Biomedical Engineering Department invites the public to a poster session presented by biomedical engineering undergraduates.  44 design projects that teams of students are conducting for clients in the medical school, life sciences, engineering, and the community will be showcased; …

Student-built Hyperloop pod unveiled

Badgerloop, the University of Wisconsin-Madison student team competing in the Space X Hyperloop competition, revealed its entry into the 2018 contest to create an ultrafast, futuristic form of transportation.

At the well attended unveiling event, held April 19, 2018, in …

Biomedical engineering student wins first-year writing contest

Photo of Isabella Lenz
Isabella Lenz

When Isabella Lenz learned about the Steuber Prize for Excellence in First-Year Writing, her motivations for entering were rooted in both passion and pragmatism.

“Naturally I was motivated by the prize money, but I also really enjoy writing,” …

Author shares tips for making learning stick

A student sits down in a silent study space at the library, pulling out a textbook and a highlighter for a late-night review of class material to prepare for the next day’s midterm exam.

It’s a scene that plays out …

Student energy hackathon yields smart real-life solutions

Today’s technology can control any number of devices at the push of a button—yet for many people, conserving energy hasn’t gotten any easier.

Imagine being able to ask your smart speaker for real-time information about your home electricity usage and …

Returning adult MS&E student honored for perseverance, success

For some returning adult students, graduating from the University of Wisconsin–Madison is nothing short of a miracle.

Photo of Chance Cork
Chance Cork

Chance Cork, who grew up on the street and in foster care, will receive an Outstanding Undergraduate Returning Adult Student Award …