BME Seminar Series: Redox-based synthetic biology–towards electrogenetics

William E. Bentley Chair of Engineering, Fischell Department of Bioengineering, University of MarylandPresented by

William E. Bentley, Ph.D.; Robert E. Fischell Distinguished Chair of Engineering, Fischell Department of Bioengineering, University of Maryland

We are developing tools of “electrobiofabrication” that enable facile assembly of biological components within devices, including microelectronic devices, that preserve …

BME Seminar Series: Bio-inspired micro-optical imaging

Hongrui Jiang Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering University of Wisconsin-MadisonPresented By

Hongrui Jiang, Ph.D.; Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Optical detection and imaging have wide applications. With continuing miniaturization effort to realize integrated microsystems, the importance of micro-scale optical components become more and more prominent. …

Engineering Physics Department Colloquium

Dr. David A. Petti, Chief Scientist Nuclear Science and Technology Division and R&D Director and Laboratory Fellow at Idaho National Laboratory, will discuss details of their study.…

BME Seminar Series: Polarimetry as a novel source of contrast in intravascular OCT

Presented by

Brett E. Bouma, Ph.D.; Professor at Harvard Medical School

Intravascular OCT is widely available for coronary artery imaging to guide percutaneous intervention and characterize atherosclerosis. Conventional OCT provides cross-sectional images based on the intensity of back-scattered infrared light …

Engineering Physics Department Colloquium

Professor Xiaoping Qian, Department of Mechanical Engineering at UW-Madison, will present our work on optimization of coupled thermoelastic and thermofluidic systems and also describe how to account for AM constraints during topology optimization.…

Engineering Physics Department Colloquium

Dr. Brain Kiedrowski, Assistant Professor in the Department of Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences at
University of Michigan, will discuss an alternative to the conventional hybrid deterministic-Monte Carlo methods for selecting variance reduction parameters.…

BME Seminar Series: Fiber Curvature Drives Cell Protrusive Behavior

Photo of Amrinder Nain from Virginia Tech

Presented by

Amrinder S. Nain, Ph.D.; Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Virginia Tech

Native fibrous proteins of small to large diameters (tens of nm to microns) distributed in various configurations (sparse/dense or random/aligned) form the complex and heterogeneous fibrous extracellular …