BME Seminar Series: Paolo Provenzano

Mechanically Complex Tumor Microenvironments Drive Disease Progression and Resistance to Therapy

Abstract (PDF)

Epithelial cancers, or carcinomas, behave like a complex “organ” system and are comprised of multiple cell populations and structural and signaling components such as the …

Engineering Physics Department Colloquium

Todd Allen, Professor, UW-Madison & Senior Fellow at Third Way will discuss the context for nuclear, how these private sector entrepreneurs view the world differently, and how the federal policies are changing, all pointing to a surprising new future for …

BME Seminar Series: Dr. Kip Ludwig

Electrical Stimulation of the Nervous System as a Therapy: What Don’t We Know, Why Don’t We Know It, and How Do We Address It?

Abstract (PDF)

Implantable and non-invasive devices to electrically stimulate the nervous system, commonly known as neuromodulation, …

BME Seminar Series: Eric J. Perreault

Considering Neural Control & Body Mechanics for the Understanding & Restoration of Human Movement

Speaker: Eric J. Perreault

Chair of the Department of Biomedical Engineering at Northwestern University

Professor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Abstract (PDF):

The …

BME Seminar Series: Manu Platt

“What’s Eating You?”: Quantifying Proteolytic Activity in Health and Disease to Predict Disease Potential

SpeakerManu Platt

Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering at Georgia Tech

Wallace H. Coulter Department of Biomedical Engineering Diversity Director

STC on Emergent Behaviors of …

Engineering Physics Department Colloquium

Erik Iverson, Managing Director at Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation will share background on WARF, its role in supporting UW research over the last 93 years and details concerning WARF’s strategic plan which includes opportunities for University faculty, staff and students …

Engineering Physics Department Colloquium

Arthur Motta, Chair, Nuclear Engineering Program and Professor of Nuclear Engineering and Materials Science and Engineering at Penn State University.…

Engineering Physics Department Colloquium

Professor Jenifer Braley-Shafer, Colorado School of Mines, will discuss details of advanced nuclear fuel cycles to improve efficiency and reduce waste.…