Advancing additive manufacturing by slashing support

3D printing opens up design possibilities that engineers could once only dream of.

The technology allows manufacturers to create parts with unique and complex shapes—parts that conventional manufacturing methods such as die casting or injection molding can’t produce.

With 3D …

Watch out! Using wearables and smartphones to prevent traffic accidents

In urban and suburban areas alike, it’s an all-too-familiar accident scenario: Cars zipping along a road; suddenly, a pedestrian or bicyclist veers into traffic.

Photo of Kassem Fawaz
Kassem Fawaz

In the future, a warning system could alert drivers before a collision occurs between …

A sweet idea: Converting dairy leftovers into profitable products

A strategy for transforming waste from the Greek yogurt-making process into a high-value sweetener product might pave the way for millions of extra dollars per year for dairy producers.

“We think this technology could definitely reduce the environmental impact of …

Drilling deep for clues on earthquakes

Lingering motion sickness is one of the occupational hazards of working at sea off the coast of Japan for three weeks. Hiroki Sone can attest to that, having spent part of the fall 2018 semester on the deepest scientific oceanic …

Accelerating materials development to advance clean energy production

A group of University of Wisconsin-Madison researchers has received a $1.8 million grant to develop new materials for multiple uses, including the ability to withstand the corrosive environment within a molten salt nuclear reactor.

Photo of Adrien Couet
Adrien Couet

The group, led by …