Recent Progress in Validating POLARIS and PARCS for USNRC Use

This talk will focus on recent efforts to validate the POLARIS lattice physics method and PARCS core simulator against relevant experimental data and plant benchmarks to support the use of these tools in confirmatory analysis at NRC.…

BME Spring Seminar: Engineering Human CNS Morphogenesis In Vitro

Presented by

Randolph S. Ashton, Ph.D.; Asst. Professor of Biomedical Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Human pluripotent stem cells (hPSCs) possess the emergent properties necessary to recapitulate developmental processes ex vivo and give rise to organotypic cultures and tissues. If harnessed, …

BME Spring Seminar: Cardiovascular Soft Tissues in Time and Space

Presented by

Colleen Witzenburg, Ph.D.; Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Virginia

Cardiovascular soft tissues serve critical mechanical functions within the body, but pathologic changes to these tissues alter their material properties causing disruption or reduction in function. This loss can be

BME Spring Seminar: Systems Approaches for Understanding Antimicrobial Efficacy

Presented by

Jason Yang, Ph.D.; Postdoctoral Associate, MIT

All living organisms possess the incredible ability to integrate several diverse, dynamic and often contradictory biochemical signals in eliciting complex responses. Cellular responses to environmental cues underlie human health and disease processes …