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About Connect for Life

Connect for Life is dedicated to building greater awareness of the impact of giving on current students and recent graduates. We also seek to create more meaningful ways for engineering alumni to stay involved and engaged with current students.

Did you know:

• The College of Engineering relies on the power of many supporters to maintain excellence.

• All gifts — big or small — make a major difference to the success of current students.

• A College of Engineering degree brings
a lifetime of benefits to our alumni.

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 “My college experience has been less stressful with the help of these financial gifts, and I hope to be able to provide the same feeling to other students in the future.”--Brady Van De Hey, ME 2014
Abby Wedig"It is through this international experience, my coursework, and through financial generosity that I have been able to live out the Wisconsin Idea during my time here at UW-Madison." 
Abby Wedig, CEE 2012

AdamLuepke"I have made quantum leaps of emotional and intellectual growth during my time here, because I was supported financially through generous scholarships." 
Adam Luepke, GLE 

AmandaLang"I worked during summers saving for college; however, it was impossible to earn enough for eight semesters of tuition. As a result, I have relied on generous donors to sponsor me in my academics."
Amanda Lang, NE

Aaron Wells
"It was a life-altering act in that I was suddenly able to spend my time with my best friend in a place that I'd only touched with video chat." 
Aaron Wells, EMA 2012

BrentSmith"All in all, my college experience has become more rounded because of the charity initiative of the club. Achieving an A on a physics exam is great and all, but seeing grins from a group of safety- conscious longboarders is truly special."
Brenton Smith, ISyE 2013

CharlesRitt"On behalf of these students, I thank those a part of the Grainger Foundation for your generosity and inspiration to helping us future engineers." 
Charles Ritt, ME 2012

ChristinaWallhausser"I can honestly say that SWE has shaped my college experience and it would not have been possible without the many small and constant donations SWE receives from alumni. Their donations have made a great difference and have influenced me to give back once I am an alumnus as well."
Christina Wallhausser, ISyE 2013 

ClaytonMartin"The generous sum of money I was awarded has helped me and my family out significantly with tuition." 
Clayton Martin, General Engineering 2015 

DannyHmong"I knew I wanted to achieve something greater than what my local colleges could offer. I wanted to be an engineer, to also show generosity that was given to me. To help my community and to invest in the future gives me great pride as a Badger."
Danny Hwong, CEE 2012

EllenThompson"I have been given financial support through many wonderful sources of financial generosity, and it has made my college career much more gratifying and focused.  As important as this financial support is to me, it still cannot compare the personal generosity of mentorship I have been given by Prof Lisa Everett."  
Ellen Thompson, Applied Mathematics & EP 2012 

EricRonning"Not only has the College of Engineering given me the tools to create, but the  competitions are what truly made me feel at home. If it weren't for the benevolence of some, I would still likely be where I was in high school: hoping that the next stage of my life could live up to my expectations."
Eric Ronning, ME 2014 

HallieKreitlow"I hope those who have donated truly understand how their actions have facilitated my success and made my college experience one that I will never forget. Thank you again for your support!"
Hallie Kreitlow, BME Senior Graduate Student

jackiemontalvo"Having received financial support encouraged me to pursue my dream and believe in the possibilities of life." 
Jacqueline Montalvo, General Engineering 2015

JayFlores"The financial generosity of Rockwell Automation has enriched my collegiate experience and has helped me serve as a role model to many others. The Rockwell Automation scholarship has truly changed my life and has helped me to make my academic and professional dreams come true!"
Jay Flores, ME 2012

JoePowell"In six short months I lived a decade's worth of experiences, met innumerable new friends, and learned a lifetime's worth of lessons. The truth is that my trip was made that much more real and complete because of the generous gift I was awarded by Wiscontrepreneur." 
Joe Powell, ME 2012 

JordanShefchik"Without the inspirational tutelage of my uncle on the table tennis court, I may have spent too much time on my heels. One does not conquer college without balance."
Jordan Shefchik, ME 

JoshCook"I would like to thank all the donors to the UW College of Engineering for their monetary gifts. It makes a huge difference to students like me as we try to pay for college. I can't thank you guys enough!"
Josh Cook, General Engineering, 2014 

JuliaShaw"Generosity has not only relieved my parents and me financially, while they support two full-time college students, but has provided me with a solid foundation and the confidence to excel as a leader in engineering."  
Julia Shaw. ISyE 2012

JunjueWang"I decided to leave my home, leave my country and come to UW-Madison, believing challenges at this outstanding university would make me stronger and wiser rather than beat me down. I am here right now. And I have made the right decision."
Junjue Wang, EE 2015

KateGrayless"From the knowledge bestowed upon a student by many professors to the lasting memories gained from interacting with all members of the campus community, the college experience seems difficult to [attribute to] a single gift." 
Kate Grayless, CEE 2014

KyleNack"My appreciation for those alumni, industry donors, and friends of the University of Wisconsin-Madison that give substantial monetary and in-kind gifts is endless."  
Kyle Nack, ISyE

LauraKern"As my undergraduate career comes to a close, I know I will not always remember every single detail from class or a textbook. However, I will be certain to remember the generosity of others and the fact that I, too, can help others in the future."
Lauren Kern, ISyE 2012 

LuisaLopez"Here, I met wonderful people, professors and my advisor who offered not only good times or academic advice but supported me immensely and helped make Madison my home. … I couldn't be happier to wake up everyday to the reality of my dreams coming true." 
Luisa Lopez, ME 2013

LukeHolfield"I haven't had to deal with the stress so many of my friends face everyday. I've been able to let loose and enjoy my college experience while still maintaining a respectable GPA—for an engineering student." 
Luke Holifield, CEE 2012

MichaelMartinez"I revealed to them that whenever they help me financially at home, I pay it back to them with my grades and my gratitude of the money they send me as well."
Michael Martinez, BME 2015  

MichaelStarr"It was the recognition I needed, and to this day is something that I am very proud to have earned. That scholarship gives me something to point at and say, 'Hey, this makes me different.'" 
Michael Starr, ECE 2012 

MissySetz"The time, donations and passion that I have received as a student in Engineers Without Borders has given me a foundation to truly live out and exemplify the Wisconsin Idea."  
Missy Setz, GLE 

NickFriberg"I am not here for just myself, or because I now have the money to do so. I'm here for my family because they care so much about me and my future."
Nicholas Friberg, BME 2015 

RussellPeterson"I feel that since I was fortunate enough to receive this gift, I want to achieve my highest potential in both school and work. I hold myself personally responsible for the outcomes in both of these arenas." 
Russell Peterson, ISyE 2012

ShuHoKwan"I am ready to keep learning in a culturally different atmosphere, getting more worldly exposure to the world. All these could not be done without the sponsoring of program by the UW-Madison." 
Shu Ho Kwan, CEE 

StephanieMatz"I would like to thank all the alumni for their kind donations not only to individuals but also to the College of Engineering and the student organizations."
Stephanie Matz, ChE/BioChem 2013

TheresaVelk"I greatly appreciate the financial generosity that allowed me to utilize tutoring programs in the UW College of Engineering."   
Theresa Velk, CEE 2012

Jonahan Mantes“I am very fortunate to have had these experiences for both personal and financial gain. These opportunities not only gave me outlets to help other students reach their educational goals, but also helped me reach my academic and career goals as well.”
Jonahan Mantes, BS BME, MS ME X’11

Kara McclementI'm planning to study abroad in New Zealand and this wouldn't be possible without the extra money I have from those scholarships. They're ultimately going to help me gain life experience and become more marketable as a future employee. All it took was a few small scholarships to help me achieve my dream." 
Kara Mcclement, General Engineering 2014

Tyde Terzinski“I see the kindness in the Walters Engineering Scholarship Fund toward their recipients. … No price can be placed on the smile that was put on my face that day when I heard the news, and I think it is a great example to learn about the generosity of scholarship funds and something to be shared with others.”
Tyde Terzinski, ME 2014

Samuel Schmitt“I will be forever grateful for this generosity and I hope to provide the same generosity of my own in my actions in college and for the rest of my life.”
Samuel Schmitt, ISyE 2015

Samantha Paulsen“Without this generous contribution I would never have realized my passion for research or international studies and may have missed out on many great opportunities abroad.”
Samantha Paulsen, BME 2012

Albert Gnadt“Due to the aid I received from generous donors, I have been able to take the first step on the stairway to my career.”
Albert Gnadt, ME 2014