Students to compete with technology-based business plans Wednesday

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Students across the UW-Madison campus are making final preparations for the G. Steven Burrill Technology Business Plan Competition Wednesday, April 26 in Grainger Hall. (Formerly known as the Technology Enterprise Competition, the contest is now named for its sponsor, G. Steven Burrill, a 1966 alumnus of the business school.)

Wave board and inventors

S.O.S. Binding Systems, Inc. by Business School student Sean Smith and College of Agriculture and Life Sciences student Scott Westmont won the first-place $10,000 prize in the 1998-99 Technology Enterprise Competition. Larger image.

Judges will award more than $22,000 in prizes to UW-Madison students who present the best market research and business planning of technology-based new business ventures.

Judging the event are representatives of prominent Madison technology-based businesses, Les Lescrenier, CEO, Gammex RMI; Nathan Harper, CIO,, Inc.; Scott Button, WI Venture Investors; and Monty Schmidt, Sonic Foundry, Inc.

The competition is designed to encourage joint engineering, business and science student teams to conduct market research, assess technological feasibility and write a business plan that builds on the strength of UW technology, business expertise and education. The competition is administered by the UW Technology Enterprise Cooperative, the College of Engineering and the School of Business.

The itinerary for the competition is as follows:

        8:00 a.m.  Student Business Exhibits in Grainger Atrium

        8:15 a.m.  Student Business Presentations in 3070 Grainger Hall

        2:00 p.m.  Address by Bill Linton, Chairman and CEO of Promega, in 3070 Grainger Hall

        3:00 p.m.  Awards Ceremony in 3070 Grainger Hall

Students who attend are eligible for door prizes including a 3Com Palm IIIc and a Kodak digital Camera.