Facilities & Resources

Core College of Engineering Research Facilities

In addition to myriad faculty laboratories, the College of Engineering maintains several core user facilities that offer a suite of world-class specialized instrumentation and capabilities for faculty, staff, student and external partner use.

The Materials Science Center contains sophisticated microscopy and analysis instruments for characterizing materials and nanostructures. The facility offers some-30 major instruments.

The Soft Materials Lab specializes in polymer synthesis and characterization of physical and mechanical properties of polymers and other materials. The techniques it offers include differential scanning calorimetry, thermo gravimetric analysis, rheometry, dynamic mechanical analysis, gel permeation chromatography, ellipsometry, contact angle measurement, and zetasizer.

The Wisconsin Center for Applied Microelectronics is a materials micro- and nano-fabrication facility offering 60 advanced instruments and 10,000 square feet of cleanroom space. It offers services for lithography, deposition, packaging, assembly, thermal processing, plasma etching, and wet chemical benches.

These facilities have broad impact across campus, and beyond. Here are some examples:

  • Average annual use hours: 79,000 from 48,000 activities
  • 150 principal investigators and approximately 700 users
  • Users from 45 different departments from 6 schools and colleges
  • Users from approximately 30 companies
  • Users from 10 other institutions
  • 15 courses supported
  • 320 grants totaling $175 million in research supported

In addition, college facilities also include the Wisconsin Structures and Materials Testing Laboratory and extensive shops for students.