Polygon and Steuber Awards Announced

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The College of Engineering is proud to announce the winners of the 1997 Steuber Prize for Excellence in Writing.

1997 Contest Finalists


First Prize ($5000)
Diane Zeller, Diary of a Company Manager


Second Prize (tie, $2000 each)
Laura Clavette, Big D
Christopher Webber, Gettysburg


Honorable Mentions ($400 each)
Heidi Behling, My Car Is Made of Tupperware?
Joel Conover, Understanding Computer Networks

Since 1992, the Steuber Prize for Excellence in Writing has honored undergraduate writers in the College of Engineering. The contest is open to all kinds of writing: expressive, informative, and persuasive. In this year’s contest, there were forty-one entries. From these entries, five students have been selected as finalists. Winners were announced at this spring’s Polygon Banquet. The Steuber Prize is made possible by the generous donation of William Steuber, who attended the College of Engineering in the 1920s.

Polygon teaching awards announced

Polygon Engineering Council, the engineering college council of student organizations, announced their annual teaching excellence award winners at a banquet April 27. The awards are the result of undergraduate voting. The winners and their departments or programs are:


Faculty and Instructors


Professor Charles G. Hill, Jr., chemical engineering
Professor William N. Hitchon, electrical and computer engineering
Jay Samuel, instructor, mechanical engineering
Professor James P. Blanchard, nuclear engineering and engineering physics
Professor Kenneth W. Potter, civil and environmental engineering
Professor Michael J. Smith, industrial engineering
Jaafar Al-Abdulla, instructor, engineering mechanics
Professor Awad S. Hanna, biological systems engineering
Professor Reid F. Cooper, materials science and engineering
Sandra Shaw Courter, instructor, engineering professional development
Professor Craig H. Benson, geological engineering


Teaching Assistants


Thomas Culp, chemical engineering
Eric Benedict, electrical and computer engineering
Joseph Lacey, mechanical engineering
David Perry, civil and environmental engineering
Leah Newman, industrial engineering
Adam Steltzner, engineering mechanics
Oscar Marcelo Suarez, materials science and engineering