Ozy.com: The nuclear engineer who is the darling of the alt-energy world

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This Ozy.com article is about nuclear engineering alumna Rachel Slaybaugh, and includes quotes from Engineering Physics Professor Paul Wilson and Todd Allen, engineering physics professor and thrust leader for the Grainger Institute for Engineering’s Energy and Sustainability research area.

Rachel Slaybaugh stands at the front of her Berkeley classroom, scrawling equations on the whiteboard, occasionally cracking a nerdy nuclear-related joke to her undergraduate students. The undergrads are a tough crowd — but 32-year-old Slaybaugh is unfazed. She’s used to being the odd one out in her field: she’s female, young, a coder and not just a theoretical scientist. Slaybaugh is comfortable and closes with a bit of a cheer: “We now have all the information we actually need to derive the transport equation!” She throws her arms up in peppy victory. She loves the transport equation, she later tells me. More…