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Wisconsin Idea News

  1. DOD’s Joint Light Tactical Vehicle simulated by UW-Madison engineers

  2. UW-Madison engineers contribute expertise to Oshkosh Corporation

  3. Communities have turned to water resources program for 50 years

  4. Psychology and computer science experts use machine teaching to elevate the learning process

  5. ECE Professor helps organize symposium in Saudi Arabia

  6. Sea Caves Watch promotes kayaker safety in northern Wisconsin

  7. Project will bring light to Ethiopian villages

  8. CEM alum takes bold approach to massive hospital project

  9. UW-Madison leading $2.6 million effort to improve solar plants

  10. Researchers identify protein crucial for stem cell survival using editing tool CRISPR

  11. Madison campus leader visits Oshkosh Corporation, site of UW-industry collaboration

  12. Civil + Structural Engineer magazine: A shot of strength

  13. Wisconsin State Journal: UW-Madison opens science labs to rural Wisconsin students

  14. To India and back: BME design students motivated to reduce infant mortality

  15. CSI Discovery: 3-D scanning researchers partner with Wisconsin law enforcement

  16. Pfefferkorn receives ASME Foundation Swanson Fellowship

  17. Catalyzing materials research across Wisconsin

  18. New catalyst does more with less platinum

  19. Making the biofuels process safer for microbes

  20. Engineering students win 2015 Tong Design Award with modified Chinese finger trap

  21. Maddie’s new car

  22. Innovative BME design studio sets UW-Madison apart

  23. Tracey Holloway focuses 2015 Energy Summit on air and energy

  24. Fusion project proposes mining helium-3 on the moon

  25. New test aids personalized cancer care

  26. Wisconsin engineers contribute to Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam discussion

  27. Wisconsin plastics collaboration yields industry, research advances

  28. Taking the long view on diversity in engineering

  29. Sound Engineering: UW-Madison’s burgeoning optimization community

  30. Hawnn’s legacy strengthens CEE faculty

  31. Marketplace: In drenched Texas, the drought may be over ... or not

  32. Progressive Railroading: UW-Madison researchers hope frac-sand impact study will help railroads improve ballast maintenance

  33. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Virtual home intended to break down walls in health care

  34. Catalyzing UW-Madison’s neuroengineering community

  35. Company's collaborations with UW-Madison lead to more innovations

  36. Family affair: Milwaukee electronics manufacturer is flying high

  37. General Motors donates dynamometers to fuel UW-Madison’s energy research

  38. UW–Madison microgrids help power industry in Milwaukee

  39. CFIRE summit to address sustainable transportation

  40. Giving freight rail tracks a boost

  41. The National Engineering Forum partners with area leaders on solutions to engineering challenges

  42. Static Mixer and Caffeinated Mint among top winners of Qualcomm Innovation Competition

  43. Traumatic brain injury research gets $4.5 million boost from the Department of Defense

  44. Engineering students program LED lighting for UW Marching Band drum feature

  45. 2015 Wisconsin Energy and Sustainability Challenge exceeds expectations

  46. ECE alumnus Mike Splinter to receive honorary doctorate

  47. UW–Madison’s economic impact to Wisconsin $15 billion annually, study says

  48. Simple sample: Federal grant advances pain-free blood tests from UW startup

  49. High-power laser spinoff proves versatility is strength

  50. Cracking the (zip)code of neural cells

  51. Storm model brings climate preparations to local decision-makers

  52. Wisconsin, Argentina face complementary challenges in ecohydrology

  53. Dumesic earns Vilas Research Professorship

  54. UW and M-WERC expand Wisconsin’s energy industry

  55. Focus on new faculty: Brock Hedegaard, integrating structures and data

  56. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: I am The Wisconsin Idea

  57. Internship puts junior at intersection of engineering and policy

  58. Six UW-Madison engineers receive Vilas Distinguished Achievement Professorships

  59. Controlling energy use and costs in commercial buildings

  60. UW-Madison engineers' knowledge, skills a boon to state and national employers

  61. Better data tools for a bigger geothermal future

  62. Dan Ludois receives NSF CAREER Award

  63. Christy Remucal receives NSF CAREER Award

  64. New $3M distinguished chair at UW-Madison honors influential alumni voice

  65. Computer science, industrial engineering research enhances robotic manufacturing

  66. UW–Madison’s online engineering graduate programs no. 6 in latest U.S. News & World Report rankings

  67. Education Week: Lessons on small particles yield big gains, say proponents

  68. Reconciling freight and community

  69. Air quality and its impact on transplants

  70. Students and stakeholders invited to reimagine energy future

  71. Wisconsin Public Radio: A defense of UW research

  72. Full color 3-D printing takes top prize in Collegiate Inventors Competition

  73. Tracking imagery’s path through the brain

  74. Huffington Post: Bathrooms: A necessity denied to too many

  75. WJLA: Students unveil latest innovations at Collegiate Inventors Competition

  76. Morgridges give $100 million to invest in UW-Madison faculty

  77. Wisconsin Alumni Association honors Silicon Valley leader with Distinguished Alumni Award

  78. Med Device Online: Attacking tumors with miniaturized, high-frequency antennas

  79. The Daily Cardinal: UW-Madison traffic lab releases interactive traffic accident map

  80. BellBrook Labs and UW-Madison team awarded NCI contract to develop next generation cancer models

  81. Two ECE teams among WARF Innovation Awards finalists

  82. Extreme Tech: Transparent optogenetic brain implants

  83. The Badger Herald: UW center transforms research, understanding of brain function

  84. MS Connection: Improving lives through assistive technology

  85. Novel antenna breaks down barrier in tumor ablation technology

  86. Successful camp provides engineering experiences to students statewide

  87. WKOW: Smartphone app would allow patients to send doctors photos

  88. Mapping Wisconsin traffic deaths

  89. Spinoff SHINE Medical hits major funding milestone

  90. Elucent tracks down an improvement in breast-cancer treatment

  91. Understanding how ovarian cancer spreads

  92. Fellowship allows BME grad students to find their passion

  93. Undergrad finds his passion by jumping into the deep end

  94. The Capital Times: Science to the people: UW-Madison’s outreach efforts aim to reinforce the value of research

  95. New motor under development by UW-Madison spinoff

  96. Lake Michigan death spurs action on rip current awareness

  97. Collaboration aims at longer-lasting roads for northern states

  98. University spinoff aims to hit the mark precisely with brain-scanning tool

  99. Channel 3000: Map shows 13 years of traffic fatalities

  100. UW-Madison launches online Master of Engineering in Environmental Engineering

  101. Sound Engineering: Spreading the benefits of stem-cell advances

  102. A foundation for the future

  103. System alerts Great Lakes swimmers of dangerous currents

  104. Wisconsin Public Radio: Biofuels for aviation

  105. Preventative medicine: Algorithms enable manufacturers to remotely anticipate machine health crises

  106. New imaging agent provides better picture of the gut

  107. Wisconsin plastics industry has roots in modest, multitalented UW-Madison professor

  108. Shi receives grant to benefit industrial planning from top floor to shop floor

  109. Quest: Microgrids: Electricity goes local

  110. The Capital Times: College material: UW’s PEOPLE program plants the idea of attending college early

  111. Best-ever efficiency points to clean, green gas-diesel engine

  112. Aviation offers a way forward in biofuels research

  113. Three new studies to take a look at angles related to Wisconsin water

  114. Ashton, Saha receive Innovation in Regulatory Science Award

  115. Alumna’s desire to learn and help reaches well beyond the classroom

  116. UW-Madison researchers part of new cell manufacturing consortium

  117. Company co-founded by professor partners with Johnson and Johnson

  118. A livable city solution: The powerful potential of microgrids

  119. Sewerage District makes bid for energy independence

  120. Focus on new faculty: Michael Murrell, using photographs to understand mechanical forces in cells

  121. An investment in the great people of our college

  122. Water behavior breakthrough opens a crucial door in chemistry

  123. New advancements in arthritis research

  124. Asthma treatment and research breakthroughs

  125. Stem-cell advances may quell ethics debate

  126. UW-Madison College of Engineering up, loons down

  127. A big boost for innovation

  128. Novel collaboration links pharmaceutical expertise in Wisconsin, Taiwan

  129. Faster, safer method zaps tumors with great success

  130. UW-Madson College of Engineering gets $25 million research gift

  131. UW-Madison College of Engineering receives $25 million grant

  132. Harvesting the power of big data in agriculture

  133. UW-Madison engineers win in Governor's Business Plan Contest

  134. Controversial iron mine the hot topic at June 5 forum in Minocqua

  135. Anesthesia applicator device wins 2014 Innovative Minds Prize

  136. Building better bridges with geosynthetics

  137. The world of networked objects explored

  138. UW-Madison team wins EPA sustainability competition

  139. UW researchers invent UV light emitting bandages

  140. Student creates partnership between engineering and local hospitals

  141. Driving the electric truck, Orchid Monroe, and UW-Madison's win-win

  142. 6 world-changing things invented by proud Wisconsinites

  143. Pieper Foundation awards support outreach for future female engineers

  144. Madison's tiny houses for homeless an example of 'housing co-production,' says planning journal

  145. Startup focuses on reliable, efficient cooling for computer servers

  146. UW-Madison engineering programs ranked highly in U.S. News and World Report

  147. Experts to focus on driver distraction as safety concerns grow

  148. Brewing biofuel

  149. Focus on new faculty: Soyoung (Sue) Ahn, filling the gaps in traffic research

  150. Ayse Gurses (PhD ISyE '05) among alumni association 40 Under 40

  151. Schauer to speak at EPA forum

  152. Aerogel offers greener method of absorbing oil from water

  153. New technology could make for cheaper, faster oil spill cleanup, UW researchers say

  154. UW-Madison a partner in national effort to retool U.S. manufacturing

  155. Oil spill cleanup by sponge: Madison scientists tout tidy technology

  156. Sawan, Wilson team developing predictive capabilities for nuclear fusion systems

  157. CBE undergrad meets with Baldwin, Blank

  158. UW-Madison engineering professor developing cellphone charger without electrical cord

  159. Alums giving back: A Q&A with two members of the ISyE alumi board

  160. Vibration energy the secret to self-powered electronics

  161. Fellowships help undergrads turn pro

  162. Beebe and partners to develop new cancer analysis method

  163. Huber to give sustainability lecture at University of Minnesota

  164. UW-Madison, Korean researchers establish partnership

  165. Sound Engineering: Improving the catheter

  166. Lessons from an unlikely career

  167. Harnessing sparsity

  168. Innovation Days marks 20 years of undergrad entrepreneurship Feb. 13-14

  169. Reinforcing design, honoring dedication

  170. Grad support endowment fund enables engineer to help nursing homes

  171. A big future for structural engineering

  172. Rethinking carbon capture for the built environment

  173. Reflections on innovation

  174. UW-Madison student team takes on global health challenge in Hult Prize

  175. UW-Madison students chosen to compete for Hult Prize

  176. 5 questions with Dick Schoofs

  177. Eom picked for MIT visiting professorship

  178. Popular Science welcomes non-pneumatic tires to the market

  179. UW-Madison researchers are building better biofuels

  180. While you were away: Catching up on a not-so-dead winter break

  181. Palecek, Shusta become AIMBE fellows

  182. Particle searches depend on UW-Madison engineers

  183. UW to strengthen college access

  184. Renewable chemical ready for biofuels scale-up

  185. Chemical treatment could cut cost of biofuel

  186. College of Engineering 2013 highlights

  187. Engineer’s ingenuity connects MS patient with touchscreen device

  188. BME grad students shine in 100-Hour Challenge

  189. Online engineering graduate programs ranked No. 3

  190. Consortium gives small engine industry an edge

  191. Focus on new faculty: Zongfu Yu, harnessing light at a small scale

  192. Inventor group honors Wisconsin engineer Dumesic

  193. Girl Scouts explore science, technology careers

  194. Verona third-graders get a diverse tour of mechanical engineering labs

  195. Engineering World Health: A small but potent student group on a mission to save lives across the globe

  196. UW researchers develop device to improve life after stroke

  197. Her response: Increase the ‘reward’ of high-risk scenarios

  198. Printing without boundaries: Expanding uses for 3D printers

  199. An innovative past: A look at Wisconsin’s most interesting and impactful inventions

  200. Racine students explore engineering’s possibilities at UW-Madison

  201. Engineers among WARF Innovation Awards finalists

  202. Engineering faculty to join energy discussion at Tales from Planet Earth Film Festival

  203. ASCE names Paschke a fellow of the society

  204. Echometrix technology helps humans and horses

  205. EPD provides unique education and expertise for the world

  206. WEI leaders meet with D.C. legislators

  207. Geotechnical engineers earn ASCE honor

  208. Underrepresented high-schoolers get a taste of COE undergrad life

  209. Five questions ... about manufacturing systems engineering education

  210. Innovation institute to broaden U.S. palette of advanced materials

  211. RFID advance to improve safety of nation’s blood supply

  212. Fast companies: 20 years of quick-response manufacturing

  213. Sustainability master's helps professional engineers grow in new directions

  214. Our global footprint: How faculty, staff and student connections extend around the world

  215. Chemical engineer receives prestigious Korean honor

  216. Sridharan, Sun Prairie company, to explore cold-spray coating applications

  217. Adaptive ski project gives people with disabilities a new chance to participate

  218. Video tool could help active workers avoid injury

  219. Ferris and others to create tool to guide bioenergy policy

  220. In Yosemite meadow, study could spark conversation about restoration

  221. Madison company Echometrix gets OK to sell ultrasound technology

  222. Recovery at work: Treatment may end, but challenges persist for breast cancer survivors

  223. New interdisciplinary collaboration will develop coaching program for surgical excellence

  224. Suresh to collaborate with Mercury Marine on topology optimization

  225. Mobile apps may help prevent substance abuse relapses

  226. Engine research for a cleaner future

  227. WEMPEC: Taking the Wisconsin Idea global

  228. How to ID a bee

  229. Bucky's day out: UW-Madison at the Wisconsin State Fair

  230. High-tech silver dressings ward off infection in wounds

  231. Sustainability engineers fill key industry needs

  232. Corporate open house: For industry, UW-Madison is 'one-stop shopping'

  233. Lake algae: What you can't see can hurt you

  234. UW-Madison launches online sustainable systems engineering graduate program

  235. Strengthening bonds with the welding industry

  236. Deaf-communication pioneer to receive honorary degree at spring commencement

  237. Bringing best practices to Wisconsin manufacturers

  238. UW-Madison spinoff company earns funding to improve unique wound-healing technology

  239. "Impact the World" series profiles Engineers Without Borders in Rwanda

  240. When process equals progress: Building blocks for biotech businesses

  241. For plastics knowledge, India looks to UW-Madison engineers

  242. UW-Madison professor gets top honor for work in South Korea

  243. UW-Madison engineer honored for contributions in South Korea

  244. With second company, laser researchers are seeing new light

  245. With $3.5 million, UW-Madison-led consortium will address national freight issues

  246. UW-Madison online engineering master's programs ranked No. 1

  247. Spin-off company earns $4 million in recent funding

  248. Revealing the chemical fingerprints of a crime

  249. From the Menominee Forest to Madison: Engineering a path for American Indian transfer students

  250. Teaching the societal side of engineering

  251. Optimizing optimization when symmetry is at play

  252. Video: Opportunities in engineering: Annual report 2011

  253. University, private-sector collaboration brings Bucky Wagon back for homecoming

  254. New 'microgrid' test beds will foster state industry opportunities

  255. Microformer team wins second place in student humanitarian competition

  256. UW-Madison's first online degree program celebrates 10 years of success

  257. Wisconsin engineer, entrepreneur move 'green' diesel engine closer to market

  258. Human gait soon could power portable electronics

  259. Human factors expert to help guide safety in next generation of space exploration

  260. New pond will protect Arboretum, Lake Wingra, from stormwater influx

  261. UW-Madison spinoff receives $1.5 million for optimizing dual-fuel engines

  262. Engineering innovations impress visitors at the Wisconsin State Fair

  263. QRM helps Plover, Wisconsin, company to slash lead times, expand into new markets

  264. Hybrid vehicle team to test drive new, efficient dual-fuel engine

  265. Benson appointed UW-Madison sustainability research and education director

  266. Johnson Controls teams up with UW-Madison for energy-storage research

  267. UW-Madison undergrads win NASA habitat design competition

  268. Russell named dean of the UW-Madison Division of Continuing Studies

  269. Morgridge Institute researchers release first educational game

  270. CHESS receives $9.5 million to help older adults

  271. Nano coatings show big potential for energy storage

  272. Ohio middle, high school teams top National Science Olympiad

  273. Kenneth and Ruth Wright among three to receive UW-Madison honorary degrees at spring commencement

  274. Public opportunities abound at 2011 Science Olympiad National Tournament

  275. Thousands experience science at successful Engineering Expo

  276. New technology could stamp out bacteria in persistent wounds

  277. UW-Madison's economic impact statewide hits $12.4 billion

  278. Engineering alumni named to WAA Forward under 40 list

  279. UW-Madison to host 2011 Science Olympiad National Tournament May 18-21

  280. Kulcinski earns NASA medal for exceptional service

  281. Probing the mysteries of nanoscale wear

  282. Transportation researchers help identify economic impact of traffic congestion on truck-borne freight

  283. Monroe manufacturer partners with UW-Madison on electric truck

  284. Fast fix: Bioactive coatings promote cell growth

  285. 100-year study mirrors U.S. history of concrete

  286. Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery facility opens on UW-Madison campus

  287. Warning system shows potential for alleviating crashes at dangerous rural intersections

  288. Tongue-stimulation research focuses on multiple sclerosis

  289. New simulator puts UW-Madison on the map for driving research

  290. Alumni and students ‘cook up’ future of vehicle teams

  291. Exploring engineering: Young Racine students connect with campus early and often

  292. Engineers team up with Trek for cycling research

  293. UW-Madison research informs upcoming EPA coal-combustion products ruling

  294. Friction stir welding fuses engineering research and Wisconsin industry

  295. It's about time: U.S. manufacturers CAN compete

  296. Entrepreneur translates research into real-world health solutions

  297. Improving the cutting edge

  298. Google executive to address Wisconsin industry at E-Business conference

  299. Computers—and people—work in parallel at new laboratory

  300. Celebrating 11 years of Camp Badger

  301. Join Engineers Without Borders to design Lake Wingra biofiltration garden

  302. By design, camps for students with disabilities take anxiety out of step to college

  303. UW-Madison engineer lends expertise to ambitious bridge-building effort

  304. Student news: Living and learning in China: Engineering students travel to Hangzhou

  305. With an extensive international network, Lorenz is Wisconsin Idea ‘ambassador’

  306. Back in circulation: Why certain polymers improve blood flow

  307. Partnering with UW-Madison QRM center gives Phoenix Products a bright future

  308. A step forward: Assisted walking system wins national innovation award

  309. May 7 biomedical engineering student invention expo to showcase real medical solutions

  310. From sky and lake, researchers study blue-green algae

  311. CAREER award funds study of how estrogen-mimics affect cells

  312. Low-power computers could benefit environment and U.S. economy

  313. Scavenging energy waste to turn water into hydrogen fuel

  314. Fused cells promising for tissue regeneration

  315. Nano-foundry technique yields ultra-durable probes from diamond

  316. Template engineering demonstrates possibilities of new superconducting material

  317. Finding the right path: New approach could produce multi-function nanodevices

  318. New process yields high-energy-density plant-based transportation fuel

  319. Not just another pretty place: Pecatonica River provides scientific basis for future restoration projects

  320. Beyond boundaries: Integrating engineering and biology

  321. Not-so-risky business: New computational models will offer decision support

  322. UW-Madison students safe after Haiti quake