Ongoing efforts to create a positive climate

Across our nation, citizens are seeking ways to spark dialog and enact change in the racial climate in our country. That dialog and call for action is an ongoing conversation on our own university campus, and it is one we take very seriously.

We are committed to creating an atmosphere in which all people feel included, respected and valued. This is so important that it is a core value of our university and of the College of Engineering.

In the college, we are working on ways to ensure that all members of our engineering community understand unconscious—as well as overt—biases and how they affect the experiences of our faculty, staff and students. We also are striving to increase the racial, ethnic and gender diversity of our faculty, staff and student populations.

Yet, diversifying the College of Engineering and improving the climate for everyone on our engineering campus is an effort that extends beyond a handful of college leaders. It involves each and every one of you.

Soon, you will receive additional information that will outline ways you personally can contribute to a welcoming environment and positive climate on our campus. I ask of you an ongoing commitment to improve and excel—for the benefit of our entire engineering community. Together, we can enact positive change.

Dean Ian Robertson