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University of Wisconsin - Madison College of Engineering

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Materials Science and Engineering News

  1. Jerry Hunter named director of research facilities for college

  2. Sridharan elected fellow of Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining

  3. Three engineering undergraduates win prize for innovation

  4. Course brings together artists and engineers for ambitious design project

  5. UW-Madison engineers' knowledge, skills a boon to state and national employers

  6. Prof. Izabela Szlufarska was selected as one of the chairs of the Materials Research Society meeting in the Spring of 2016

  7. Wisconsin Public Radio: UW scientists make breakthrough in nanotube technology

  8. Tutorial on computing thermodynamic properties and phase diagrams of alloys

  9. Carbon nanotube performance breakthrough could improve electronics

  10. Spin doctor: Paul Voyles begins his third year in C-SPIN

  11. Two UW student teams are finalists in national inventors competition

  12. Mike Arnold’s carbon-based nanomaterials could lower cost of solar energy

  13. UW-Madison College of Engineering to honor alumni at Engineers’ Day

  14. Robertson receives 2014 ASM Edward DeMille Campbell Memorial Lectureship

  15. Alliant Energy Foundation and UW System recognizes two UW-Madison engineers as outstanding students

  16. Two UW student teams are finalists in national inventors competition

  17. Crone set to guide Graduate School into new era

  18. Sridharan elected to ASM Thermal Spray Society board of directors

  19. Honoring a Wisconsin materials science visionary

  20. Researchers awarded $500,000 NSF grant

  21. Wisconsin nuclear researchers receive $4 million in DOE grants

  22. How computing is transforming materials science research

  23. Six MSE faculty members are promoted

  24. Researchers gain new understanding of layered oxide growth

  25. Strong engineers, strong community

  26. Digital manufacturing team calls for research proposals and input

  27. A tree may have the answers to renewable energy

  28. MSE student Pat Veloskey awarded the 2014 William Park Woodside Founder's Scholarship

  29. Focus on new faculty: Michael Murrell, using photographs to understand mechanical forces in cells

  30. Strategic approach to materials research aims to benefit U.S. manufacturers

  31. Crone named Society of Experimental Mechanics fellow

  32. UW-Madison College of Engineering up, loons down

  33. A big boost for innovation

  34. UW-Madison College of Engineering receives $25 million grant

  35. Sridharan represents United States at IAEA conference in Vienna

  36. UW-Madson College of Engineering gets $25 million research gift

  37. Researchers develop method to measure positions of atomic sites with groundbreaking precision

  38. Celebrate the Dedication and Service of Lynn Neis

  39. Two engineering professors receive Romnes faculty fellowships

  40. 8 UW-Madison professors get $50,000 each for research

  41. Engineering students among Chancellor’s Undergraduate Awards winners

  42. Materials Science Graduate Student MRS Awarded Silver Graduate Student Award

  43. UW–Madison Styrofoam reuse and recycling program wins competition

  44. Opotowsky honored with two nuclear opportunities

  45. Made-in-Wisconsin atom probe assisted dating of oldest piece of earth

  46. UW-Madison engineering programs ranked highly in U.S. News and World Report

  47. MSE Student Wins Metallurgy Scholarship

  48. Stem cell advance yields mature heart muscle cells

  49. Three MSE Professors Win Prestigious Awards

  50. Good vibrations: UW researcher says vibration energy could charge smartphones

  51. UW-Madison engineering professor developing cellphone charger without electrical cord

  52. Vibration energy the secret to self-powered electronics

  53. MSE Department Introduces New Entrepreneurship Course

  54. Engineers named Vilas Associates

  55. Reflections on innovation

  56. Eom picked for MIT visiting professorship

  57. While you were away: Catching up on a not-so-dead winter break

  58. College of Engineering 2013 highlights

  59. Carbon nanotube transistors could help displays flex

  60. Carbon Nanotube Transistors Could Help Displays Flex

  61. How waste wood works for forests

  62. Eom, Ma to develop high-speed optical modulators

  63. Racine students explore engineering’s possibilities at UW-Madison

  64. Engineers among WARF Innovation Awards finalists

  65. Researchers to develop methods for discovering new metallic glasses

  66. The chemistry of color: Energy researcher develops dye-based solar cells

  67. UW-Madison College of Engineering to honor eight outstanding alumni

  68. Nuclear researchers receive more than $2M from DOE for R&D

  69. Sound Engineering: The mystery of forces in living matter

  70. The BME and MS&E Departments welcomes new faculty member - Michael Murrell

  71. Informatics of 'making' aims to unite computing, materials and manufacturing advances

  72. Introducing 10 new College of Engineering faculty members

  73. Three MS&E researchers earn conference awards

  74. Sridharan to participate in research 'think tank' conference

  75. Three from MSE win awards at microscopy and microanalysis 2013

  76. Innovation institute to broaden U.S. palette of advanced materials

  77. Future looks bright for carbon nanotube solar cells

  78. Distance-delivered graduate education proposals advance

  79. MSE undergraduate student Thomas Chrobak receives ANS scholarship

  80. Sridharan earns UW-Madison academic staff award

  81. Perepezko honored for contributions to materials research

  82. Seven engineers named UW-Madison Vilas Associates

  83. Sridharan, Sun Prairie company, to explore cold-spray coating applications

  84. College, grad programs, in top-20 in U.S. News rankings

  85. MSE Professor Max G. Lagally inducted as 2012 NAI Charter Fellow

  86. Man-made material pushes the bounds of superconductivity

  87. MSE Professor Michael Arnold awarded Arthur K. Doolittle Award

  88. Three faculty among UW-Madison Kellett award recipients

  89. Production process doubles speed and efficiency of flexible electronics

  90. New tools accelerate computational materials research

  91. Focus on new faculty: Melih Eriten and the mysteries of friction

  92. Ian Robertson named new UW-Madison engineering dean

  93. Private gifts support nearly 40 engineering faculty professorships

  94. With new high-tech materials, researchers aim to catalyze U.S. manufacturing future

  95. In static friction, chemistry is key to stronger bonds

  96. On October 26, the college will honor seven outstanding engineering alumni

  97. Madison company Echometrix gets OK to sell ultrasound technology

  98. NSF funds research of computational materials data and design tools

  99. UW-Madison, college, among top U.S. public universities

  100. Save the dates: Blended learning seminar series begins September 19

  101. From summer abroad in China, students acquire a new view of the world

  102. Two engineering students invited to prestigious Nobel conference

  103. There are more than five sides to this story: In metallic glasses, researchers find a few new atomic structures

  104. Strengthening bonds with the welding industry

  105. UW-Madison earns DOE funding for nuclear engineering innovations

  106. Inspired by steel, nano-manufacturing gets wear-resistant carbide tip

  107. Kou to present Adams Lecture

  108. Shi recognized for academic achievement

  109. A decade of gains in engineering graduate student diversity

  110. Microfabrication breakthrough could set piezoelectric material applications in motion

  111. Microfabrication breakthrough could set piezoelectric material applications in motion

  112. MS&E graduate student wins GEMS award

  113. Eom joins MRS board

  114. Video: Opportunities in engineering: Annual report 2011

  115. Engineering alumni to receive top college honors at Oct. 14 Engineers' Day

  116. Electricity from the nose: Engineers make power from human respiration

  117. Faculty, alum receive White House early-career award

  118. UW-Madison engineering center wins $18 million grant

  119. Nanomembranes promise new materials for advanced electronics

  120. College honors 25 faculty and staff at spring celebration

  121. Thousands experience science at successful Engineering Expo

  122. Engineering atomic interfaces for new electronics

  123. Fast fix: Bioactive coatings promote cell growth

  124. 100-year study mirrors U.S. history of concrete

  125. New nano techniques integrate electron gas-producing oxides with silicon

  126. College honors distinguished alumni at Oct. 8 Engineers' Day celebration

  127. Improving the cutting edge

  128. Engineers receive $3.7 million for nuclear energy research

  129. It's a small world - for small people - after all