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College in the News 2013 Archive

  1. Two UW-Madison profs among 102 promising young researchers honored by Obama

  2. Perspective Wisconsin: Rhodes Scholar Drew Birrenkott

  3. UW-Milwaukee proposes microgrid facility

  4. Girl Scouts explore science, technology careers

  5. Educating the future of railway engineering

  6. UW researchers develop device to improve life after stroke

  7. An innovative past: A look at Wisconsin’s most interesting and impactful inventions

  8. WSOR hosts UW-Madison students for track maintenance course

  9. Video: What call to action is needed for infrastructure right now

  10. Flipping signal-processing instruction

  11. How to make your own (floating) concrete boat

  12. Solar power for the do-it-yourselfer

  13. Professor to lead nuclear safety institute

  14. Microgrids: Building better links between renewable energy and the electric grid

  15. Course using virtual internships tries to hook prospective engineers

  16. Digital natives: A defense of the Internet community

  17. Health IT startup Healthfinch wins national app contest

  18. Former Dow Chemical executive joins UW-Madison staff

  19. UW grad and SunPower CEO Tom Werner touts solar industry growth

  20. University of Wisconsin wheelchair lift is access-friendly

  21. Apostle Islands kayakers get real-time view of caves from shore

  22. How do you prevent drunk driving?

  23. Program hopes to train pilots and medics together for med flight

  24. Starbuck students, families take part in Exploring Engineering Day in Madison

  25. Occupy Madison begins building 'tiny houses' for the homeless

  26. BME student team helps injured surgeon stand

  27. Wisconsin engineering campers do 'the impossible'

  28. Op-ed: Don't neglect the nation's nuclear energy option

  29. University of Wisconsin-Madison researchers develop low-cost carbon nanotube solar cell

  30. UW-Madison researcher designs solar panel that stores energy

  31. Maximizing mechatronics

  32. Self-sustaining solar panel generates and stores power

  33. Self-charging solar cells: Better than batteries?

  34. Wisconsin researchers try to clear a solar hurdle

  35. College honors seven at spring apprecation celebration

  36. Slideshow: Scenes from a hot week on the engineering campus

  37. Differential tuition: Making a difference for you

  38. New disease registry gives patients some privacy

  39. Mouth device in clinical trials as TBI treatment

  40. Mouth device in clinical trials as possible treatment for TBI

  41. Photos: Innovation Days at UW-Madison

  42. Student innovators compete for prizes, business

  43. Jennifer Reed: Metabolism modeler

  44. Loest and Younkle listed in 40 under 40

  45. Doug Moe: Every 7 years, a movie star

  46. Professors Dumesic and Huber among top 100 people in bioenergy

  47. Building green gas technology without a manual: An interview with grad student Robert Coolman

  48. Advances in night vision from cow country

  49. UW-Madison a leader in value among public universities

  50. Five people to watch in 2013