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Electrical and Computer Engineering News

  1. UW-Madison ranks 4th in research expenditures

  2. Big Ten Network: At Wisconsin, innovation is in the 'eye' of the beholder

  3. Wisconsin Energy and Sustainability Challenge: Bringing new ideas forward

  4. ECE Professor accepts Sven Berggren prize in Lund, Sweden

  5. Alumnus Daniel Reich receives top honor from College of Engineering

  6. Alumnus Gregory Piefer receives top honor from the College of Engineering

  7. Alumnus Craig Palmer receives top honor from the College of Engineering

  8. Alumnus Shen Luo receives top honor from the College of Engineering

  9. Ma earns 2015 Popular Mechanics Breakthrough Award

  10. Engadget: Scientists create a tiny, flexible lens modeled on insect eyes

  11. “Mammalian eyes” boost machine vision

  12. IEEE Spectrum: Researchers develop fastest and most flexible silicon phototransistor ever

  13. Minuscule, flexible compound lenses visualize vast fields of view

  14. UW-Madison engineers reveal record-setting flexible phototransistor

  15. Huffington Post: Can wood chips help reduce e-waste?

  16. Engineering alumni to receive top college honors at Oct. 16 Engineers' Day

  17. ‘Garage Physics’ is a makerspace for undergraduate brainstorms

  18. The algebraic revolution: Solving for chocolate

  19. Robertson signs ASEE pledge to promote diversity in engineering

  20. ECE Assistant Professor receives NSF Grant to develop efficient permanent magnet electric machine

  21. Focus on new faculty: Laurent Lessard, at the cornerstone of control theory and optimization

  22. Major commitment to elevate UW-Madison undergraduate engineering education

  23. Bright light from the tiny

  24. U.S. News ranks college No. 14 for undergrad education

  25. Camera smaller than a drop of water could change surgical imaging

  26. ECE Professor is named a fellow of the Institute of Physics

  27. Wireless microcamera clusters broaden laparoscopic imaging

  28. EDN Network: Semiconductor chip made from wood aims to reduce e-waste

  29. Psychology and computer science experts use machine teaching to elevate the learning process

  30. ECE Professor helps organize symposium in Saudi Arabia

  31. ECE PhD students win top awards at Student Paper Competition in Vancouver

  32. PhD student awarded fellowship for international students

  33. Project will bring light to Ethiopian villages

  34. Six faculty members receive Spangler funding for new research

  35. ECE alumna earns early-career award

  36. ECE alum Struck named acoustical society standards director

  37. Smaller and smarter antennas for military use

  38. Elektronik Informationen: Nano-Lichtemitter mit besonders hoher Ausgangsleistung

  39. With UW-Madison engineers' expertise, German fusion experiment achieves major milestone

  40. Engineering students gain global perspective studying in China

  41. MIT Technology Review: A biodegradable computer chip that performs surprisingly well

  42. Silicon Republic: Put your shades on, this nanoresonator can emit light 10,000-times its size

  43. Nanoscale device has big profile in light

  44. Catalyzing materials research across Wisconsin

  45. Celebrate summer and raise your app…um…glass!

  46. Announcing some of our new faculty stars

  47. Nader Behdad: Restless energy

  48. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Lindberg launches a quest for high-performance computing projects

  49. Davoodi, PhD alum win best paper award

  50. Honoring a tenacious, non-traditional alumnus

  51. Wall Street Journal: Scientists develop chips made almost entirely from wood

  52. Laser Focus World: DARPA grant funds aluminum-nitride chip-based UV laser development

  53. Supporting ECE’s evolution

  54. Honoring Wisconsin’s legacy in computing

  55. Fostering cross-disciplinary construction engineers

  56. Smithsonian: These new computer chips are made from wood

  57. Catalyzing UW-Madison’s neuroengineering community

  58. General Motors donates dynamometers to fuel UW-Madison’s energy research

  59. Popular Science: Computer chips can now be made from wood

  60. Engadget: ‘Nano-paper' chips end up in compost heaps, not landfills

  61. Gizmodo: We can now make computer chips out of wood

  62. What could a wood chip do? Advance could mean biodegradable computer chips

  63. Biodegradable computer chips created by UW, Forest Lab researchers

  64. IOP Physics World: New maze-like beamsplitter is world's smallest

  65. Isthmus: Building a better battery

  66. UW–Madison microgrids help power industry in Milwaukee

  67. Shohet group’s paper among most cited in Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology A

  68. A hands-on education in hardware security

  69. Many engineering students honored at chancellor’s undergraduate awards ceremony

  70. Van Veen recognized for outstanding teaching

  71. Nasdaq: Plexus contributes to innovative engineering lab at UW-Madison

  72. Compact UV lasers could identify substances from a distance

  73. Engineering students program LED lighting for UW Marching Band drum feature

  74. Engineering Expo inspires K-12 students to explore engineering

  75. Focus on new faculty: Jing Li, championing hardware in a big-data world

  76. Two UW-Madison engineers receive Romnes Faculty Fellowships

  77. ECE alumnus Mike Splinter to receive honorary doctorate

  78. High-power laser spinoff proves versatility is strength

  79. Wausau Daily Herald: Engineers buttress Wisconsin industries

  80. Focus on new faculty: Mikhail Kats, bridging applied physics and engineering

  81. Isthmus: A 'technology sandbox'

  82. Internship puts junior at intersection of engineering and policy

  83. Boston earns Simon Fellowship

  84. Computing with grand demands

  85. RFID Journal: RFID may ease one aspect of breast cancer surgery

  86. Energy research for a stronger society

  87. Xconomy: UW-Madison IoT Lab honing its role amid campus entrepreneurship push

  88. Wisconsin State Journal: Rowheels: Reinventing the wheelchair

  89. Sound Engineering: Analyzing “Clapping Music”

  90. UW-Madison engineers' knowledge, skills a boon to state and national employers

  91. Dan Ludois receives NSF CAREER Award

  92. ECE Professor Emeritus Greiner passes away

  93. Two UW-Madison engineers named to National Academy of Engineering

  94. Ma receives $213,000 D2P grant

  95. Big Ten Network: Wisconsin researchers track neural pathways in the brain

  96. Plexus Collaboratory: The next step in UW-Madison engineering educational innovation

  97. Internet of Things Lab open house showcases student innovation

  98. The Daily Cardinal: Scientists track imagination in the brain

  99. The Badger Herald: UW researches difference in brain activity between reality and imagination

  100. Tracking imagery’s path through the brain

  101. Wisconsin Alumni Association honors Silicon Valley leader with Distinguished Alumni Award

  102. The Badger Herald: WisCEL ties technology with teaching

  103. Med Device Online: Attacking tumors with miniaturized, high-frequency antennas

  104. Two UW student teams are finalists in national inventors competition

  105. Two ECE teams among WARF Innovation Awards finalists

  106. Ma, Williams to collaborate on bioelectronics research

  107. UW-Madison College of Engineering to honor alumni at Engineers’ Day

  108. Extreme Tech: Transparent optogenetic brain implants

  109. The Badger Herald: UW center transforms research, understanding of brain function

  110. See-through sensors open new window into the brain

  111. DARPA: Atom-width graphene sensors could provide unprecedented insights into brain structure and function

  112. Novel antenna breaks down barrier in tumor ablation technology

  113. BTN LiveB1G: Wisconsin grad creates 'hackerspace' in Madison

  114. Wisconsin State Journal: Sky guy flies high

  115. Elucent tracks down an improvement in breast-cancer treatment

  116. Two UW student teams are finalists in national inventors competition

  117. Undergrad finds his passion by jumping into the deep end

  118. New motor under development by UW-Madison spinoff

  119. Computer innovator supports tenacious Badger engineers

  120. Ludois to develop motor without rare-earth metals

  121. PhD student earns Directed Energy Professional Society scholarship

  122. Digital manufacturing team calls for research proposals and input

  123. Successful Middleton company maintains strong relationship with the College of Engineering

  124. Quest: Microgrids: Electricity goes local

  125. Research Innovation Committee funds five research projects

  126. Chicago investors flock to Madison start-ups

  127. A livable city solution: The powerful potential of microgrids

  128. Booske receives IEEE education honor

  129. UW-Madison to receive electric micro cars for sustainability research

  130. Professor Nick Hitchon on "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me"

  131. A big boost for innovation

  132. UW-Madison College of Engineering up, loons down

  133. Faster, safer method zaps tumors with great success

  134. Van Veen receives Michigan Tech honor

  135. UW-Madison College of Engineering receives $25 million grant

  136. UW-Madson College of Engineering gets $25 million research gift

  137. Harvesting the power of big data in agriculture

  138. UW-Madison engineers win in Governor's Business Plan Contest

  139. Wisconsin Robotics brings Scorpio to national competition

  140. Elucent Medical wins 2014 Governor's Business Plan Contest

  141. The electric car is undergoing resurrection, says UW researcher

  142. Grad students explore wireless power transfer

  143. UW-Madison engineers receive M-WERC grants

  144. Tinkering fosters business success for Internet of Things Lab

  145. Peter Tong named WARF board president

  146. WisCEL receives Teaching and Learning Innovation Award

  147. Engineering students among Chancellor’s Undergraduate Awards winners

  148. Antenna paper wins IEEE award

  149. Five receive Holdridge teaching awards

  150. Hagness named associate dean for research and graduate affairs

  151. Engineers awarded SIRE grants

  152. Nowak, Mavrikakis earn Kellett Mid-Career Awards

  153. New imaging system brings lobster-eye design down to scale

  154. Xinyu Zhang receives NSF CAREER Award to improve wireless network performance

  155. Driving the electric truck, Orchid Monroe, and UW-Madison's win-win

  156. UV light-emitting bandage wins 2014 Qualcomm Innovation Prize

  157. Researcher finds hidden efficiencies in computer architecture

  158. Madison's tiny houses for homeless an example of 'housing co-production,' says planning journal

  159. UW-Madison engineering programs ranked highly in U.S. News and World Report

  160. UW-Madison student innovators win Desire 2 Learn grand prize

  161. Howard Aiken receives posthumous honor for computing breakthrough

  162. Harnessing sparsity

  163. Reflections on innovation

  164. While you were away: Catching up on a not-so-dead winter break

  165. Ramanathan, Saluja win best paper award at VLSI design conference

  166. College of Engineering 2013 highlights

  167. Online engineering graduate programs ranked No. 3

  168. Focus on new faculty: Zongfu Yu, harnessing light at a small scale

  169. Nowak receives IEEE Baker award

  170. Sound Engineering: Hands-on sustainability

  171. Ma receives $353K to seek new laser for silicon chips

  172. Ma receives $450K to speed up communication transistors

  173. Control theorist crashes the market

  174. Closing the loop on big data … one beer at a time

  175. Lipo receives IEEE medal

  176. Eom, Ma to develop high-speed optical modulators

  177. Racine students explore engineering’s possibilities at UW-Madison

  178. Focus on new faculty: Rebecca Willett, harnessing big data for myriad collaborations

  179. Engineering faculty to join energy discussion at Tales from Planet Earth Film Festival

  180. Astronaut scholarship honors undergrad’s bold adventures in research

  181. Flipping signal-processing instruction

  182. Training course makes MATLAB work for undergrads

  183. UW-Madison College of Engineering to honor eight outstanding alumni

  184. Students game the system, train computer to play Angry Birds

  185. Micro cameras flex their way into the future of imaging

  186. Introducing 10 new College of Engineering faculty members

  187. Sound Engineering: A control theorist crashes the market

  188. Focus on new faculty: Daniel Ludois, applying research advances to shrink and improve power conversion devices

  189. Bose Scholars program immerses Indian undergrads in graduate research

  190. Focus on new faculty: Xinyu Zhang, mixing disciplines to improve wireless communication

  191. Solid, sustainable engineering student design

  192. Sound Engineering: The roaring HSX engines

  193. Silicon Valley Badger engineers share their secrets of success

  194. Innovative solar cell structure stores and supplies energy simultaneously

  195. Ma papers featured on covers of prestigious research journals

  196. Distance-delivered graduate education proposals advance

  197. Our global footprint: How faculty, staff and student connections extend around the world

  198. Banerjee honored by mobile technology research group

  199. Grad students receive Sandia research awards

  200. Students in UW housing celebrate outstanding educators

  201. Cancer-screening software wins wireless competition

  202. Creative energy harvest and storage ideas top energy and sustainability competition

  203. Seven engineers named UW-Madison Vilas Associates

  204. College, grad programs, in top-20 in U.S. News rankings

  205. UW-Madison engineering students win 2013 Clean Snowmobile Challenge

  206. Palframan earns IBM fellowship to support computer architecture research

  207. Focus on new faculty: Sarlioglu seeks to bolster the efficiency of electrical systems

  208. Production process doubles speed and efficiency of flexible electronics

  209. UW-Madison engineer named to National Academy of Engineering

  210. Journal of Applied Physics features Shohet teamwork

  211. Military projects push boundaries of flexible electronics in imaging technologies

  212. Ian Robertson named new UW-Madison engineering dean

  213. The hand is the hook: With competition prizes, printable prosthetic moves closer to market

  214. APS names five UW-Madison faculty as fellows

  215. Hagness and Taflove text is seventh most cited via Google Scholar

  216. Private gifts support nearly 40 engineering faculty professorships

  217. On October 26, the college will honor seven outstanding engineering alumni

  218. CPU-GPU optimization could offer big power savings for drones, data centers

  219. NSF funds UW sustainability project studying the human component of green buildings

  220. Multiple awards support Kim's low-power accelerated processor research

  221. Knezevic awarded $500K for nanoscale power research

  222. UW-Madison, college, among top U.S. public universities

  223. Network of neurons: A dynamic model of brain activity

  224. Wedging wireless broadband between TV signals

  225. Fast, flexible electronics for the next generation of gadgetry

  226. Save the dates: Blended learning seminar series begins September 19

  227. Shrinking the lab bench down to size

  228. WEMPEC: Taking the Wisconsin Idea global

  229. How to ID a bee

  230. Sunflowers inspire more efficient solar power system

  231. Million-dollar Keck Foundation grant funds UW-Madison genome research

  232. From summer abroad in China, students acquire a new view of the world

  233. Printed photonic crystal mirrors shrink on-chip lasers down to size

  234. Behdad receives Department of Defense instrumentation grant

  235. Ren receives ECE dissertation award

  236. Deaf-communication pioneer to receive honorary degree at spring commencement

  237. Modernized inventory system wins Qualcomm Wireless Innovation Prize

  238. UW-Madison students to compete in Qualcomm Wireless Prize Competition

  239. Bio-inspired antenna design earns IEEE paper prize

  240. Learning in libraries: New center marries instructional and study space

  241. Wilcox wins poster prize at fusion conference

  242. Paper written by civil engineer and ECE professor earns accolades

  243. Gregerson recognized for outstanding service as a teaching assistant

  244. Behdad’s paper on bio-inspired antenna arrays was most read in 2011

  245. Ma earns UW-Madison fellowship, other funding

  246. Wright, Nowak and Figueiredo earn best paper award

  247. Burfeindt earns award for paper on breast cancer imaging

  248. UW-Madison online engineering master's programs ranked No. 1

  249. Rethinking military communications: Research may yield more compact antennas

  250. Teaching the societal side of engineering

  251. Microfabrication breakthrough could set piezoelectric material applications in motion

  252. Dielectric study awarded PMB citations prize

  253. Malloy wins Best Student Paper award from IEEE conference

  254. WEMPEC co-directors receive IEEE awards

  255. Video: Opportunities in engineering: Annual report 2011

  256. Engineering alumni to receive top college honors at Oct. 14 Engineers' Day

  257. New 'microgrid' test beds will foster state industry opportunities

  258. Microformer team wins second place in student humanitarian competition

  259. Innovation awards go to biochemist, micro-engineer at UW–Madison

  260. UW-Madison expert can discuss breakthrough in flexible electronics

  261. Johnson Controls teams up with UW-Madison for energy-storage research

  262. Science Olympiad rocks Madison

  263. College honors 25 faculty and staff at spring celebration

  264. Thousands experience science at successful Engineering Expo

  265. Insect hearing inspires new approach to small antennas

  266. Electronic stent deployment system wins top prize at 2011 Innovation Days

  267. A matter of timing: New strategies for debugging electronics

  268. Monroe manufacturer partners with UW-Madison on electric truck

  269. UW-Madison fusion experiments earn nearly $11 million in grants

  270. Engineers receive U.S. Air Force early-career support

  271. College honors distinguished alumni at Oct. 8 Engineers' Day celebration

  272. Competition invites students to invent the future of wireless technology

  273. Fellowship a boost for budding energy researchers

  274. Patents proliferating for serial inventor Robert Blick

  275. Can you see me now? Flexible photodetectors could help sharpen photos

  276. 1995 Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) grants

  277. ECE faculty member receives prestigious PECASE Award