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  5. Two engineering professors receive Romnes faculty fellowships

Two engineering professors receive Romnes faculty fellowships

Two College of Engineering professors are among the eight promising young UW-Madison faculty who have received Romnes faculty fellowships. Romnes awards recognize exceptional faculty members who have earned tenure within the last six years. 

Materials Science and Engineering Associate Professor Izabela Szlufarska, who also holds an appointment in the Department of Engineering Physics, develops simulations to discover new phenomena in nanomechanics and to provide a molecular-level understanding of materials behavior in harsh environments of nuclear reactors.

Chemical and Biological Engineering Professor David M. Lynn focuses on the synthesis of soft materials and the fabrication of nanostructured surfaces and interfaces. His work has advanced the design of reactive and responsive organic thin films, with applications in the areas of drug delivery and gene therapy, biomolecular sensing and the design of new non-wetting surfaces.

Selected by a Graduate School committee, winners receive an unrestricted $50,000 award for research, supported by the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation. The award is named for the late H. I. Romnes, former chairman of the board of AT&T and former president of the WARF Board of Trustees.

Chris Barncard