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  5. CEE senior earns Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute scholarship

CEE senior earns Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute scholarship

Civil and Environmental Engineering senior Casey Garner received a $3,000 scholarship from the Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute. CRSI is a national trade association of research and industry figures who deal with steel-reinforced concrete. As a student, Garner has also been involved with the UW Steel Bridge Team. After graduating, Garner plans to pursue a career as a structural engineer, pursuing work with a design firm and eventually earning a master's degree in structural engineering. He says the CRSI scholarship is both a great honor and a great help in realizing his ambitions. "With this scholarship I can now invest more time and energy into my education and other opportunities, such as attending leadership conferences with ASCE," Garner says. "This scholarship will also help me have more time to teach other students about engineering skills and technology which they can use in their future."

Scott Gordon