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  5. Loheide to pursue hydrology research in Argentina with Fulbright award

Loheide to pursue hydrology research in Argentina with Fulbright award

Civil and Environmental Engineering Associate Professor Steve Loheide was selected to be a 2014-2015 Fulbright U.S. Scholar to teach and conduct research on ecohydrology in Argentina. Loheide's project, which he calls "Ecohydrology for sustainability," will seek to address uncertainties about the role that groundwater plays in maintaining healthy ecosystems in settings ranging from agricultural to urban. In keeping with the Fulbright program’s spirit of intellectual exchange between the United States and other countries, Loheide’s project will build on some of the ecological similarities between Wisconsin and Argentina. 

Loheide plans to collaborate with Argentine ecologist and agronomist Esteban Jobaggy, leveraging both their different perspectives and the challenges common to agricultural areas in Wisconsin and Argentina. During a three-month stay in Argentina, Loheide and Jobaggy will co-teach an intensive three-week course in quantitative ecohydrology in partnership with the Universidad de Buenos Aires and Universidad Nacional de San Luis, and will collaborate with graduate students at both institutions.

Ultimately, Loheide hopes to unite his computational approach to environmental engineering with Jobaggy's ecology-based focus in order to better understand the relationships among agriculture, groundwater, and conservation. He hopes that his findings will inform society's approaches for adapting to both climate change and evolving land use.

Scott Gordon