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  5. Eom, Ma to develop high-speed optical modulators

Eom, Ma to develop high-speed optical modulators

Department of Materials Science and Engineering Theodore H. Geballe Professor and Harvey D. Spangler Distinguished Professor Chang-Beom Eom and Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Vilas Distinguished Achievement Professor Zhenqiang (Jack) Ma have received a 3-year grant of $660,000 from the Office of Naval Research to develop high-speed optical modulators. Optical communications require high speed modulators to “chop” or digitize light. On-chip optical modulators using silicon have limited modulation depth due to the limited change of its dielectric constant. The team aims to develop a new type, oxide-based modulation material with giant dielectric constant change. It is predicated theoretically that terabit modulators are feasible. Eom and Ma will develop a single-crystal oxide and fabricate a new type of optical modulators.

Scott Gordon