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Paper on vehicle paint quality receives award

Industrial and Systems Engineering Associate Professor Jingshan Li, his student and GM collaborators earned best-paper honors for their paper, “Modeling quality propagation in automotive paint shops: An application study.” The team presented the paper during the International Federation of Automatic Control Conference on Manufacturing Modeling in St Petersburg, Russia, June 19-21, 2013.

Improving paint quality is of significant importance for vehicle manufacturing. Li’s collaborators included Feng Ju, Guoxian Xiao, Jorge Arinez, who studied the vehicle painting process across multiple inspection stations. After each inspection, vehicles that failed to achieve quality requirement are repaired before sending to the next operation. In such systems, the quality variations may propagate along the painting process. 

The researchers developed a three-state quality propagation model to study the system, and derived analytical formulas to evaluate product quality. They also identified ways to identify stages that impede product quality as a means to improving the overall system. 

Renee Meiller