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Geotechnical engineers earn ASCE honor

Christopher Bareither, who earned master’s and PhD degrees in geological engineering and now is an assistant professor of civil and environmental engineering at Colorado State University, is among a group selected to receive the 2013 Thomas A. Middlebrooks Award from the American Society of Civil Engineers. The award recognizes a paper detailing the group’s effort to develop sustainable, environmentally sound solid-waste management strategies and in the process, create biogas for renewable energy.

Bareither was lead author on the paper, “Deer Track bioreactor experiment: Field-scale evaluation of municipal solid waste bioreactor performance,” published in the June 2012 issue of the Journal of Geotecnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering. Other authors and award recipients include Ronald Breitmeyer, who earned his PhD in geological engineering and now is an assistant professor of geological engineering at the University of Nevada-Reno; alumnus Mort Barlaz, professor and chair of civil, construction and environmental engineering at North Carolina State University, and Civil and Environmental Engineering and Geological Engineering Professor Craig Benson and Professor Emeritus Tuncer Edil

Renee Meiller