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Palframan earns IBM fellowship to support computer architecture research

Computer engineering graduate student David Palframan has received the IBM PhD Fellowship, a competitive and prestigious program that supports high-caliber students working in research areas vital to innovation in the computing world, ranging from electrical and computer engineering to material science and mathematics. Palframan was selected for his work designing reliable, power-efficient computer systems, particularly for the realm of web servers, where the scale involved makes reliability and power savings a paramount concern. 

“I was originally drawn to graduate school because I wanted to learn how computers work,” says Palframan. “In the future, I hope for an environment that allows me to continue learning while making a tangible contribution to this interesting field.” Palframan was nominated to the fellowship by his graduate advisors Philip Dunham Reed Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering Mikko Lipasti and Electrical and Computer Engineering Assistant Professor Nam Sung Kim

Mark Riechers