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Two ChE alumni named to National Academy of Engineering

Chemical engineering alumni Lorenz Biegler and James Liao are among 69 new members and 11 foreign associates elected to the National Academy of Engineering in 2013. Election to the NAE is among the highest professional distinctions accorded to an engineer. In addition to Biegler and Liao, NAE also elected electrical and computer engineering alumnus Tom Overbye, mechanical engineering alumnus David Dornfeld (BSME ’72, MSME ’73 and PhDME ’76), and Industrial and Systems Engineering Professor Emeritus David Gustafson to its class of new members.

Biegler (MSChE '79, PhDChE '81) is the Bayer Professor of Chemical Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh. The NAE cited him for contributions in large-scale nonlinear optimization theory and algorithms for application to process optimization, design and control. Liao (PhDChE '87) is the Ralph M. Parsons Foundation Chair Professor in the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at the University of California, Los Angeles. NAE honored him for advances in metabolic engineering of microorganisms to produce fuels and chemicals. NAE announced its 2013 class of new members February 7.

Renee Meiller