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Authors suggest systems approach can transform healthcare

Industrial and Systems Engineering Procter & Gamble Bascom Professor in Total Quality Pascale Carayon is among several co-authors of a national report, “Bringing a systems approach to health,” that suggests systems engineering could improve aspects of healthcare such as quality, safety, value and health outcomes, among others. 

The National Academy of Engineering and Institute of Medicine released the discussion paper July 10, 2013. The authors say that while systems approaches are underused in healthcare and a variety of barriers prevent their widespread use, a systems approach has improved quality and value in other industries, and it could be similarly transformative for health and healthcare.

Other co-authors of the discussion paper include George Bo-Linn, chief program officer, Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation patient care program; Gary Kaplan, chairman and CEO, Virginia Mason Medical Center; Peter Pronovost, senior vice president for patient safety and quality, Johns Hopkins Medicine; William Rouse, Stevens Institute of Technology; Proctor Reid, director, National Academy of Engineering; and Robert Saunders, senior program officer, Institute of Medicine. 

Renee Meiller