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  5. BME grad student earns best poster award

BME grad student earns best poster award

At the 5th Biennial Conference on Heart Valve Biology and Tissue Engineering, Mykonos, Greece, biomedical engineering MD/PhD candidate Chloe McCoy received accolades for her research of the origins of calcific aortic valve disease, particularly in men. McCoy found that valve cells from healthy male valves express more disease-related markers than valve cells from healthy female valves, suggesting that the actual valve cells from males may be more prone to becoming diseased than the valve cells from females. This type of information not only will expand researchers' understanding of how the disease occurs, but also may affect how they approach the prevention and treatment of valve disease clinically.

McCoy received the best poster award because judges viewed her research as having the most significant impact on the heart valve field. Her advisor is Biomedical Engineering Associate Professor Kristyn Masters. The two learned recently that the journal PLoS ONE will publish McCoy's paper about the research.

Renee Meiller