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University of Wisconsin - Madison College of Engineering

2009 News Release Archive

  1. Wisconsin cast-metals manufacturing benefits from $10 million federal grant

  2. UW-Madison and Beloit partnership produces water-run scooter

  3. New semiconductor laser structure could produce more efficient, powerful and portable sources emitting in the mid-infrared

  4. Fusion researchers demonstrate self-organizing plasma

  5. Giri Venkataramanan: Harnessing the sustainability movement

  6. Jeffrey S. Russell: Inspiring engineers to think differently

  7. Student news - UW-Madison chapter of Engineers Without Borders wins United Nations award

  8. Wendy Crone: Taking design courses into the YouTube era

  9. Studying the force: Turner earns CAREER award for research on micro-devices

  10. Granular flow simulations earn Dan Negrut NSF CAREER award

  11. Ogle earns CAREER award for contributions to stem cell analysis

  12. Draper earns CAREER award for research in accelerating digital communications

  13. Tailored care: Breast cancer screening models earn Alagoz CAREER award

  14. Detroit rally launches UW-Madison vehicle team endowment

  15. Middle East air quality study bridges borders

  16. Private-public collaboration will enhance patient safety during blood collection and transfusion

  17. New material could efficiently power tiny generators

  18. Two UW-Madison alumni among top-10 Pop-Sci geniuses

  19. Carbon nanotubes may cheaply harvest sunlight

  20. Student engineers drive Bucky Wagon's green makeover

  21. College honors distinguished alumni at Oct. 16 Engineers’ Day celebration

  22. Leading the effort to change personal health records

  23. Innovation comes full-circle in UW-Madison student seminar series

  24. Models begin to unravel how single DNA strands combine

  25. Student news: In Mongolia, connections create opportunities for improving healthcare

  26. Career Connection offers opportunities despite economy

  27. Smaller isn't always better: Catalyst simulations could lower fuel cell cost

  28. Entrepreneurial alumni release iPhone application

  29. New approach to wound healing may be easy on skin, but hard on bacteria

  30. Student news - Student-led redesign facilitates teamwork among state legislators

  31. Software tool helps web developers identify seizure-inducing content

  32. Student news - Teamwork brings robotics team first year of success

  33. Gasoline-diesel “cocktail” — a potent recipe for cleaner, more efficient engines

  34. Will a well-mixed, warmer lake doom invasive fish?

  35. Engineering faculty well represented in final WID selection

  36. New MRI technique could mean fewer breast biopsies in high-risk women

  37. Student news - Working for the world: Tanzania trip shapes engineer's career goals

  38. UW-Madison to play key role in nuclear energy's comeback

  39. Storing the sun, in salt

  40. In tough times, printing company uses UW-Madison-developed methods to recover

  41. Former UW-Madison provost Pat Farrell takes Lehigh University

  42. College honors faculty and staff

  43. Engineering EXPO 2009 sparks interest in students for science

  44. University of Wisconsin-Madison nuclear R&D earns major DOE support

  45. Researchers explore the possibly broad-reaching effects of a pandemic in Wisconsin

  46. 30-plus medical inventions debut at UW-Madison undergraduate design competition

  47. UW-Madison students help build 150th Habitat for Humanity home in Dane County

  48. Tweet, tweet: “Look, no hands!” Researchers use brain interface to post to Twitter

  49. Student news - A global view: UW-Madison students strive to improve medical care around the world

  50. Student news: Engineering students use EPA funding to conserve water at medical school complex

  51. For Kim, calculated risk is all in the game

  52. Wind-energy leader Vestas forges partnership with UW College of Engineering

  53. Silicon superlattices: New waves in thermoelectricity

  54. Student news: Clean sweep for UW-Madison snowmobile team

  55. Student news: Going green, one moped at a time

  56. Models present a new view of nanoscale friction

  57. Course builds community of biomedical entrepreneurs

  58. Mathematical models reveal how organisms transcend the sum of their genes

  59. UW-Madison computer scientist elected to national academy

  60. iPhone sleep improvement application wins at UW-Madison innovation competition

  61. Encouraging entrepreneurs: On Feb. 12, UW-Madison undergrad invention competition turns 15

  62. COE 2010 project update: Text, animations help students master statics

  63. Pilot decision-making study takes wing

  64. Large-scale nuclear materials study shapes university, industry, national lab collaborations

  65. Can you see me now? Flexible photodetectors could help sharpen photos