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Engineering sources for continued media coverage

The following professors of civil and environmental engineering are available to reporters:

Kenneth Potter
Potter's primary research is in the design of flood-management strategies and can offer perspectives on the staggering logistical challenges facing New Orleans in draining floodwater and regaining flood controls. Potter also has an understanding of the hydrology, geomorphology, and drainage system of New Orleans gained from living in the city for the first half of his life.

David Noyce
Noyce studies traffic management and evacuation management during emergencies. He is also co-director of Wisconsin Traffic Operations and Safety Laboratory.

Teresa Adams
Adams is an expert in the use of geographic information systems (GIS) to aid in the disaster recovery period. She also directs the Midwest Regional University Transportation Center and the new $16 million National University Transportation Center.

Steven Cramer
Cramer and other UW-Madison colleagues have conducted research on bridge and building stability following major floods.