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Students honored for power-engineering interest

Representatives of The Grainger Foundation with recipients of this
                        year's awards

Representatives of The Grainger Foundation, including David Grainger (rear, second from left), with recipients of this year's power engineering awards (large image)

Twenty-one UW-Madison engineering students received recognition and encouragement for their interest in electric power engineering during the annual Grainger Outstanding Power Engineering Student Honors Seminar and Awards Dinner, held April 1 at the University of Wisconsin Foundation. Each student received a plaque and award of $6,000.

Established by The Grainger Foundation in 1997, the event rewards highly qualified, motivated UW-Madison engineering students following programs of study in electric machines and drive systems, industrial motion control, power electronics and electric power systems. To date, 119 students have received awards.

"The Grainger award program gives us an extremely valuable assist in recruiting outstanding graduate students," says Don Novotny, professor emeritus of electrical and computer engineering and chair of the selection committee. "It also has been very effective in attracting some of the very best of our own undergraduates to become power engineering students."

The students, in turn, say they value the award because it recognizes them for their hard work in a difficult area of study and shows they excel in their efforts, he says.

President of The Grainger Foundation, David Grainger is a 1950 electrical engineering alumnus. He is senior chairman of the board of W.W. Grainger Inc., a leader in the distribution of maintenance, repair and operating supplies and related information to the commercial, industrial, contractor and institutional markets in North America.

Recipients of the 2003 award were:

Bachelor's Degree:
Joel M. Berry, David K. Farnia, Melissa J. Kohtala, Nicholas A. Lemberg, Robert E. Malsack, Ryan D. Nowak, Ryan M. Rudnitzki, Neil C. Smits, Daniel P. Statz, Sean C. Zieth

Master's Degree:
Mary B. Cain, Patrick S. Flannery, Scott E. McPherren, Jerry A. Rudiak, Daniel M. Saban, Michael J. Schmitt

Doctoral Degree:
Ashish R. Bendre, Eric L. Benedict, Frederick D. Kieferndorf, John L. Lahti, Glen A. Luckjiff