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Burrill business plan, Tong Prototype, Steuber writing, and Polygon teaching awards announced

Dean Peercy with the winning team. Photo by Bob Rashid.

Dean Peercy (right) with the winning team. Photo by Bob Rashid. (large image)

Chung Hoon Lee, a PhD candidate in electrical and computer engineering (ECE), and MBA student Garima Goel took the first-place $10,000 prize in the G. Steven Burrill Technology Business Plan Competition. The team's proposed business is called LifeSonics, a company developing electronic pulmonary drug delivery products.

The Burrill business plan competition seeks to encourage entrepreneurial activity and interaction between science and business students on the UW-Madison campus and is sponsored by the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences (CALS), College of Engineering and School of Business.

Each competing team had at least one student with a scientific and/or engineering background and one with business expertise.

Lee and Goel also won a share of the $2,500 Tong Prototype Prize. The Tong prize honors the best prototype developed for the competition. The prize was split three ways. In addition to LifeSonics, the Tong winners are:

MEMS Innovations (MI): a plan to provide the market with reliable micro-electro-mechanical machine measurement devices. Presented by, ECE student Shamus McNamara and MBA students Masaru Anzai and Angelo Gaitas.

O.Z. Pack: A plan involving a protective book carrier presented by engineering student Anand Chhatpar, industrial engineering student Osman Ozcanli and MBA student Puneesh Malkani.

Other winners in the Burrill competition include:

Second place, $7,000: MEMS Innovations (MI)

Third place, $4,000: Dairyland Biomass Renewable Energy (DBRE): Mechanical engineering student Matthew Holl, business student Elyse Eisenberg and CALS student Jacob Holl presented a plan involving a process to convert agricultural residues, wood and paper wastes into simple sugars in order to produce ethanol.

Fourth place, $1,000: ToxImmune, Inc.: MBA student Tim Moser presented a plan featuring a test that shows in 10 minutes whether a person has antibodies protecting against the bacterial toxin that causes Toxic Shock Syndrome.

Mechanical Engineering student takes top honor in Steuber writing competition

Mechanical engineering student John Becker won the 2001 Steuber Prize for Excellence in Writing. His story is a fictional account of a woman's resilient response to the Japanese ritual "Nyotaimori," from which the story gets its name. Becker won $5,000 in prize money. Judges awarded second place and $2,000 to Kelly McNamer for her technical report entitled "Synthetic Spider Silk." McNamer details research efforts aimed at producing synthetic materials with the properties of spider silk. Two students earned $500 honorable mention awards. They are William Edmonds who wrote "Women and the Montgomery Bus Boycott" and Daniel Gianola for his paper "Surface Modification of Nickel Titanium for Biomedical Applications." The prize is sponsored by William Steuber, a UW-Madison alumnus. The contest is now in its 10th year. The winning papers will be available in May on the contest's website:

Polygon honors teachers

Polygon Engineering Council, the engineering college council of student organizations, announced their annual teaching excellence award winners Sunday, April 28. Undergraduates vote to determine the awards. The faculty and TA winners, listed by discipline, are:

Biomedical Engineering
Professor Willis Tompkins
Jeanine Burmania

Chemical and Biological Engineering
Professor Thatcher Root
Mariam Gonzalez

Civil and Environmental Engineering
Assistant Professor Chin-Hsien Wu
Todd Shoemaker

Electrical and Computer Engineering
Associate Faculty Associate Michael Morrow
Archith Mahadevan

Engineering Physics
Professor Robert Witt
George Antoun

Engineering Professional Development
Lecturer Laura Grossenbacher

Industrial and Systems Engineering
Professor Michael Smith
Tirunelveli Venkatesh

Materials Science and Engineering
Professor Reid Cooper
Szu-Ya Liao

Mechanical Engineering
Lecturer Fred Reames
David Branson