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Two COE faculty receive WARF Mid-Career Grants

Two College of Engineering faculty are among 10 University of Wisconsin-Madison professors to receive Kellett Mid-Career Awards, which are designed to enhance the scholarly pursuits of established faculty.

Patricia Flatley Brennan, nursing and industrial engineering, evaluates how the World Wide Web can help patients recover faster and better manage their own health care. Tenured in both nursing and industrial engineering, she teaches courses in health care delivery, engineering design and health informatics. She is president of the American Medical Informatics Association.

Gurindar S. Sohi, electrical and computer engineering and computer sciences, does research and teaching in the area of computer architecture. He is especially interested in microprocessor architecture. He worked on a microprocessor architecture which helped lay the foundation for modern microprocessors such as the Pentium III. More recently he and his graduate students have been working on the architecture of circa-2010 chips which will have more than a billion transistors. He teaches a variety of courses in computer architecture, ranging from the sophomore to the advanced graduate level.

Gurindar S. Sohi
Gurindar S. Sohi Larger Image

The $60,000 awards are funded by the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation and selected by a committee of the UW-Madison Graduate School. It is one of a number of special programs supported each year by WARF's block grant to the university. The awards are named for William R. Kellett, a former president of the WARF Board of Trustees and retired president of Kimberly Clark Corp. who was integral to the formation of the UW System.

Mid-Career Awards support faculty who are between five and 20 years past tenure and are nominated by colleagues.