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$2.1 million Ford Fund Grant benefits College of Engineering

Ford Motor Company and the University of Wisconsin-Madison are announcing a five-year grant totaling nearly $2.1 million, made possible by Ford Motor Company Fund, to be divided between the College of Engineering and the School of Business.

"Today we are pleased to announce a new phase in Ford Motor Company's relationship with the University of Wisconsin-Madison," says Paula Winkler Doman, Ford Motor Company's executive sponsor for the university. "Over the years, we have enjoyed a working partnership of the truest sense. Through our strong working alliance with the university, we've focused on efforts that enhance educational opportunities and further research. We look forward to continue working with the university in the years ahead."

Students with their winning car

Student projects like the national FutureCar Challenge competition will benefit from a new grant by the Ford Motor Company Fund. (large image)

The contribution to the College of Engineering will provide funding for such activities as a student automotive center, automotive research, educational programs, scholarships, fellowships and student organizations.

Michael L. Corradini, associate dean of academic affairs for the College of Engineering, says the college has enjoyed a productive research and recruiting relationship with Ford Motor Company. The grant is an example of a continuing collaboration that benefits many college activities.

"This generosity will allow the college to continue to pursue our important areas in undergraduate and graduate education," he says. "These areas involve student activities within the classroom and the research laboratory as well as augmenting and enhancing our efforts in out-of-classroom experiences."

The contribution especially is important to diversity programs because it is an investment that will pay dividends through the students who will be leaders in the future, says Alem Asres, engineering assistant dean of diversity affairs.

"Ford Fund's ongoing support of diversity-focused programs and activities will help us attract students from groups that traditionally are underrepresented on engineering campuses, and enhance their educational and extracurricular opportunities," he says. "I appreciate the efforts of the Ford representatives who worked hard to strengthen the relationship between Ford and the College of Engineering and Diversity Affairs."

The grant to the School of Business will support undergraduate scholarships, graduate fellowships and student programs, such as "A Major Decision"-an event that helps business students learn about business-major options.

James Johannes, associate dean of undergraduate programs for the School of Business, says the Ford grant will significantly benefit both the business school's undergraduate and graduate programs.

Transient Spray Patternator

The new Ford Fund grant will help support work in the college's Engine Research Center. (large image)

"On the undergraduate level, this gift is going to help us recruit and retain the very best undergraduate students, which is critical to being one of the best undergraduate programs in the country," says Johannes. "It also will help us to provide the highest quality service to our undergraduates, and inform them about options for business majors early in their undergraduate careers." The gift will greatly assist the School of Business in the highly competitive field of graduate business education by providing funding to attract outstanding graduate students, he says.

The partnership between Ford Motor Company and the University of Wisconsin-Madison spans nearly 50 years. Ford's support of the university includes hiring its graduates, sponsoring scholarships and internships and providing research funding. Ford Motor Company currently employs more than 300 Wisconsin graduates.

For more information, contact Ed Manuel, UW Foundation senior director of engineering development, at 608/262-5251.