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Polygon Teaching Awards and Steuber Prize winners announced

Winners of the college's Polygon Teaching Excellence Awards and Steuber Prize for Excellence in Writing for undergraduate engineering students were announced recently at the annual Polygon Engineering Council banquet.

The teaching excellence awards are the result of undergraduate voting. The winners and their departments or programs are:


Biomedical Engineering: Professor John G. Webster
Chemical Engineering: Professor Charles G. Hill, Jr.
Electrical and Computer Engineering: Professor John H. Booske
Materials Science and Engineering: Associate Professor Fred J. Bradley
Nuclear Engineering: Professor Gilbert A. Emmert
Civil and Environmental Engineering: Associate Professor Jeffrey S. Russell
Industrial Engineering: Professor Michael J. Smith
Engineering Mechanics: Professor Michael E. Plesha
Engineering Professional Development: Lecturer Laura R. Grossenbacher
Mechanical Engineering: Assistant Professor Jaal B. Ghandhi


Teaching Assistants:
Biomedical Engineering: Glenn Walker
Chemical Engineering: Andy Horvath
Electrical and Computer Engineering: Mark McNeely
Materials Science and Engineering: Oscar Marcelo Suarez
Civil and Environmental Engineering: Marty Christman
Industrial Engineering: Karwan Soputradjojo
Engineering Mechanics: Adam Steltzner
Engineering Professional Development: Rosa Marina Bilbao y León
Mechanical Engineering: Justin Borgstadt

Paper on doomed dam wins 1999 Steuber Writing Prize

Sean Weitner, a senior in mechanical engineering, won the 1999 Steuber Prize for Excellence in Writing. His paper, titled "Doomed to Success," chronicles the collapse of California's St. Francis Dam in 1928. Weitner won $5,000 in prize money.

Second place and $2,500 went to Katherine Sewell for "On the San Juan," the story of white water rafters who encounter an FBI search for fugitives during their trip.

There was a tie for third place, each winning $1,000. They are Robert H. Olson for his paper titled "Criteria for Choosing Finite Element Software for Engineering Students;" and Tanya Kosmo for "Lucid Dreams."

Two honorable mentions were awarded, winning $250 each. They are Vicki Bassett for "Causes and Effects of the Rapid Sinking of the Titanic;" and Tim Waters for "Engineering and the Golden Rule."

The prize is sponsored by William Steuber, a UW-Madison alumnus. The contest is now in its eighth year.

The winning papers will be available in May on the contest's website: