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Steuber Prize, Polygon Teaching Award Winners Announced

Winners of the College of Engineering's 1998 Steuber Prize for Excellence in Writing have been announced. UW-Madison alumnus William Steuber endowed the contest for engineering undergraduates, now in its seventh year.

The winners are:

First place: Gregory B. Ingersoll, "Baroque, Boole, Binary, Beams, and Bach"

Second place: Laura Clavette, "Pie is Squared"

Fourth place: Mark Grubis, "The Life of an Engineering Student"

Honorable mention: Sarah Diny, "Comparison of Four Procedures Commonly Used in Refractive Eye Surgery"

The winning papers can be read at the contest's website:

Polygon Engineering Council, the engineering college council of student organizations, announced their annual teaching excellence award winners at a banquet April 26. The awards are the result of undergraduate voting. The winners and their departments or programs are:


Faculty and Instructors

  • Lewis Wedgewood, visiting assistant professor, chemical engineering
  • Henry Guckel, professor, electrical and computer engineering
  • Jay M. Samuel, instructor, materials science and engineering
  • James P. Blanchard, professor, engineering physics
  • Steven M. Cramer, professor, civil and environmental engineering
  • Michael J. Smith, professor, industrial engineering
  • Jaafar Al-Abdulla, instructor, engineering mechanics
  • David Bohnhoff, associate professor, agricultural engineering
  • Frank J. Fronczak, associate professor, mechanical engineering
  • James L. Davis, associate professor, engineering professional development

Teaching Assistants

  • Thomas D. Culp, chemical engineering
  • Eric R. Benedict, electrical and computer engineering
  • Oscar Marcelo Suarez, materials science and engineering
  • David C. Perry, civil and environmental engineering
  • Charlene Yauch, industrial engineering
  • Charles Daniel, mechanical engineering