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Wendt, other UW-Madison libraries move to the web

Wendt Entrance

Kurt F. Wendt Library (large image) is now on the Web, as is the campuswide UW-Madison "School of Library and Information Studies."

Both home pages came up the week of January 15. At public PCs within campus libraries, the pages replace a less-flexible menu system and provide access to many resources and services. These include the campus online catalog and databases containing citations of more than 30 million journal articles and other documents, many with abstracts. Several full-text products are also available, and campus librarians say full-text offerings will grow rapidly in the next few years.

The School of Library and Information Studies home page includes links to other campus libraries and detailed information about how to use campus library resources and services.

The home pages also describe library hours, policies, and services, and include directories of staff members. Features coming soon will permit users to renew books, request book purchases, and request items through interlibrary loan and document delivery services. Kurt F. Wendt Library's electronic course reserves system, which students used about 8,000 times in 94-95, is also available in campus libraries through the home page.

However, access to library resources from computers outside campus libraries still has major limitations. While the online catalog and some other components of School of Library and Information Studies do function from anywhere on the Web, other resources do not. When they are made available on the Web this spring they will require the user to have a PC (not Mac or Unix machine) and to logon to the campus library Novell local area network. This cannot be accomplished directly through the Web.

This limitation arises because of technical characteristics of many journal article citation databases that campus libraries purchase or license. Wendt has joint efforts underway with COE's Computer-Aided Engineering and with other campus libraries to reduce these barriers, particularly for faculty, staff and students in their offices, labs and dorms.

Meanwhile, an existing non-Web method for office or lab PCs on campus to access most library resources will be still available.

For information, contact Tom Murray, Director, Wendt Library, or (for technical information) contact John Luedtke, Computer Services Director, Carolyn Shaffer, Reference Librarian (, developed the Wendt home page.