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Information place offers central source for students, faculty, staff and visitors

The people in this "glass house" definitely don't throw stones. Information is their stock and trade in the Engineering Hall lobby's Information Place. Located in the lobby's "glass room," Info Place is a central source of information for anyone who happens by with a question--be it about college programs, part-time student jobs, or directions to someone's office.

Info Place, which officially opened February 19, is the result of feedback from engineering students, says director Donald C. Woolston, an assistant dean for Academic Affairs. "A 1990 Polygon Engineering Council report on engineering student satisfaction recommended better information flow within the college, and a place where students can go to find out whatever they need to know. Info Place is designed to answer that need."

For example, Info Place will not only have information on deadlines for things like declaring a course pass-fail, it will also have the necessary forms available. Faculty can instruct visitors to stop at the Information Place for directions once they reach campus. They can also leave promotional pamphlets there for students and the public to see. And college centers, department or programs looking to fill part-time student hourly positions can get results by posting the jobs at Info Place.

Info Place is staffed by engineering students trained to locate information and supply assistance. According to Woolston, "Both the Polygon survey and recent campus surveys show the source of information that students use most and trust most is other students. The Information Place capitalizes on that trend." The Information Place is equally interested in serving the needs of visitors. "It is not easy to find your way as a visitor here," Woolston says. "All the nearby buildings have "engineering" in the name, and it has never been easy to navigate inside Engineering Hall."

Sponsored by the Academic Affairs Office, the Information Place hours are 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. If you need to reach Information Place or make suggestions for improving the service, you may phone 262-4794; or e-mail Also, visit the website at