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// College of Engineering

Longtime engineering dean passes away

As dean of the University of Wisconsin-Madison College of Engineering, Paul Peercy constantly sought ways to help students succeed in engineering. In ongoing efforts to…

Tags: Dean Paul Peercy

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// Materials Science & Engineering

Move over solar: The next big renewable energy source could be right beneath your feet

Flooring can be made from any number of sustainable materials, making it an eco-friendly option in homes and businesses alike. Now, however, flooring could be…

Tags: Energy, Faculty, MS&E, Nanotechnology, research, Sustainable Energy, Xudong Wang

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// Electrical & Computer Engineering, Biomedical Engineering

UW-Madison engineers reveal fabrication process for revolutionary transparent sensors

In 2014, when University of Wisconsin-Madison engineers announced in the journal Nature Communications that they had developed transparent sensors for use in imaging the brain,…

Tags: BME, ECE, Faculty, Jack Ma, Justin Williams, research, transparent sensors

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