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// Electrical & Computer Engineering

A simple solution for complicated scanning antennas? Stand still.

Antennas often need to trace circles in the sky; for example, radar arrays atop air-traffic control towers rotate to sweep signals in all directions. Yet,…

Tags: antennas, beam steering, communications, Electrical and computer engineering, office of naval research, phase-varied arrays, radar

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// Industrial & Systems Engineering

Professor earns highest honor in the field of decision analysis

Industrial and Systems Engineering Professor Vicki M. Bier has earned the 2016 Frank P. Ramsey Medal from INFORMS Decision Analysis Society (DAS). The award is…

Tags: Bier, Decision Analysis Society, Faculty, Frank P. Ramsey, INFORMS, ISyE

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// Electrical & Computer Engineering, Materials Science & Engineering

New method can squeeze many more features into limited wafer space

Manufacturers continuously strive to pack more transistors on a tiny computer chip—yet as the size of these transistors approaches the atomic scale, there are physical…

Tags: Arnold, directed self-assembly, Faculty, graphene, Jack Ma, nanopatterning, research, Wang

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