University of Wisconsin Madison College of Engineering
Improving Security

Most of us take for granted the confidence we have in the systems we rely upon every day. But it is, of course, only through the efforts of countless people that we have routine access to safe food and water or reliable communications. Whether it is security from attack or security in the dependable operation of our electrical distribution system, the College of Engineering is engaged in research that helps protect and improve the nation’s critical systems. In an effort to secure our country from future terrorist attacks, we are developing techniques not only to prioritize possible targets, but also to develop effective risk-reduction and resource-allocation strategies. We are developing sensors for the detection of chemical, biological and nuclear weapons, technologies for the safe distribution of the blood supply and materials and innovations to improve military systems. Our experts in water systems work to improve the removal and inactivation of waterborne pathogens and other microbes during drinking water treatment and distribution. We’ve developed sensors that give early warning of food spoilage and deposition techniques to provide anti-fouling and anti-microbial surfaces that help protect the food supply. The need for security and reliability in communications grows each day in our increasingly digitized society. The number of web-enabled devices is expected to grow from 3 to 14 billion within the next five years, driven by the proliferation of wireless sensors with ubiquitous Internet connections. College of Engineering researchers are working on applications of algebra and number theory to engineering in areas such as cryptography, coding theory, watermarking, and biometrics.


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