Welcome to Geological Engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Madison!

DSC_0225-1Geological Engineers make a difference by blending geoscience and engineering principles to solve practical problems that are important to society. Our graduates work around the world in careers ranging from energy exploration to sustainable design. They work for major corporations, small businesses, government agencies, and non-government organizations. We focus on delivering projects rather than products, and we believe that our actions improve society and the world.

Because Geological Engineers have a diverse set of skills, they are always in demand even in times of economic distress. Geological Engineers are compensated competitively, and some industries compensate Geological Engineers with some of the highest salaries in all engineering disciplines. Employers like the diverse interdisciplinary training our students receive at UW-Madison, and particularly value our dual degree in Geological Engineering and Geoscience. In addition, our faculty interacts regularly with industry and government agencies, and we use these relationships to identify employment connections for our graduates. One of the best aspects of Geological Engineering is not being tied to an office or a cubicle. Our graduates work both outside in the field and in the office. That is a primary reason why our motto is “The Earth is Your Office.”

Our faculty conduct interdisciplinary research ranging from basic earth science to applied applications in geological engineering. We have strong engagement with government and industry, and our research products rapidly find their way into practice in disciplines as diverse as wind energy to mining. Nearly all of our research activities include undergraduate and graduate students, and many involve post-doctoral researchers.

I hope our website provides you with the information you need about Geological Engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. If you need more information, please feel free to contact me at jmtinjum@wisc.edu.

James M. Tinjum, PE, PhD, F.ASCE
Associate Professor and Director