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University of Wisconsin - Madison College of Engineering

Incoming students need to think about qualifying for a department right away. The first step is to decide on a major, though it’s all right to be unsure of what that major will be and it’s all right to change your mind. To learn about your options in engineering and make an informed decision about your major, enroll in one of the introduction to engineering courses and to talk to many individuals, including advisors, other students and professors.

You must apply to change from the EGR classification to a department classification (such as ME) by your fourth semester. Most students apply during their second or third semester, but must apply by their fourth semester. Below are the minimum criteria for admission.

If you have any questions about these requirements, contact the Engineering General Resources Office (EGR).

  • At least 24 credits overall (can be AP or transfer credits)

  • Communication Skills A (a campus-wide General Education requirement)

  • Calculus-based Mechanics Physics (EMA 201 or Physics 201/207/247)

  • General Chemistry: either Chem 109 or Chem 103 and 104 (students planning to take advanced chemistry courses are encouraged to take Chem 109)

  • An introduction to Engineering course (can be waived for transfer students)

  • Two semesters of Calculus (Math 221 and 222)

  • At least 17 credits in the calculus, statistics, chemistry, physics, computer science, and statics courses required for an engineering degree; at least a 2.5 average in these courses

  • At least a 2.0 average in all other courses

This is the minimum criteria for acceptance. When the number of applicants for transfer to a degree-granting program meeting above criteria exceeds the capacity of that program, admissions will be limited to that capacity. We encourage all students to maintain strong academic skills and to strive to meet standards above the minimum.

If you encounter academic challenges, we encourage you to seek academic assistance immediately. The College of Engineering houses its own learning center that assists students with a variety of courses ( and there are others across campus as well (e.g. Math:; Chemistry:; Physics:, etc.).