On-Campus Interviews

Interview schedules at the University of Wisconsin-Madison College of Engineering are comprised of both invited (pre-select) and qualified (open) candidates.

Schedules allow for an advance day of sign up for invited student candidates followed by two days for qualified student candidates to sign up.

ECS uses an in-house software package different from those commercially available. New employers are advised read about the our campus interview process before setting up a schedule in the myECS system.

The ECS Staff provide coordination of approximately 15,000 campus interviews annually.

When to Schedule Your Visit

  • On-campus interview visits begin the first week of October.
  • On-campus recruiting is always available to you, but is most productive in fall (October and November) and early spring (February and March).
  • Employers obtain myECS accounts and set up campus interviews directly in the system.

Interview Schedules

Interviews are offer in an “expo” style space during peak seasons. We do not have dedicated interview rooms. We offer three types of interview schedules:

  • Invitation Only
    Invitation only schedules allow you to select one set of invited candidates and one set of alternate candidates. Only these two sets of students will be able to sign up for your schedule. The first set of candidates receive 24 hours to sign on your schedule. Remaining slots after that period can be claimed by any of the invited candidates or alternate candidates.
  • Combination (Invite & Qualified)
    You select one set of invited candidates and then offer remaining unused interview times for qualified candidates. Although you give priority sign-up to those students who are invited, we cannot guarantee that all of your invited students will sign on your interview schedule. If there are open slots after the initial sign-up day, other students meeting your qualifications of major, degree level, graduation date and citizenship will be allowed to sign up on your schedule.
  • Space/Room Only
    You handle scheduling students directly, ECS has a expo style space available to you from 8:30 – 4:45. No sign up in myECS.

Information Session/Open House

Information sessions are optional for employers.  After you have selected your recruiting date:

  • Call Campus Event Services at 608.262.2511 or email events@union.wisc.edu.
  • Select the date and time for your session and make any food and/or AV arrangements.
  • You MUST then enter your information session information in myECS on the campus visits page in order to advertise the session to candidates.

Employers are advised to contact Risk Management (Debbie Beich at 608.262.8926 or dbeich@bussvc.wisc.edu) to determine if evidence of outside insurance is needed.

Recruiting Timeline

Set up Visit Interview Date
  • Select visit date and enter & associate your job description in myECS.
  • All myECS interview times are computer generated and begin at 8:30 a.m. and are either 30 min., 45 min., or 60 min. in length.
2 Weeks Prior to Interview Date
  • If using the invitation process, enter the students you are inviting.
  • Send an email to invited to students indicating their sign up date in myECS.
1 Week Prior to Interview Date
  • Student sign-up begins and continues for 2 additional days.
  • If utilizing the invitation process, only invited students may sign on the schedule the first day.
  • Based on the type of schedule, on the following 2 days all remaining time slots are open for alternative priority or for any student meeting your qualifications as to major, degree level, graduation date and citizenship.
2 Days Prior to Interview Date
  • Check on the status of your schedule on-line in your myECS account. Since sign up is now complete, names of candidates will be posted at 8:30 a.m.
1 Day Prior to Interview Date
The Interview Day
  • A copy of your schedule & profiles will be provided the morning of your campus interviews.
  • ECS Office Hours: 8:00 a.m. – 4:45 p.m.
  • Recruiters should arrive at least 20 minutes prior to the first interview.
  • Parking is limited on campus. Plan ahead for parking near your interview location.
  • Recruiters should present business cards upon arrival.
  • Lunch break is 11:45 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

Contact ECS


Main Line: 608-262-3471

ECS Hours: 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM


John Archambault
Director, Engineering Career Services &
Assistant Dean for Student Development
john.archambault@wisc.edu (preferred)