Industry Engagement

Why partner with the College of Engineering?

Part of a leading U.S. university regularly ranked in the top 15, the College of Engineering is a place where creative minds come together to tackle global challenges, and we’re known not only for world-changing discoveries, but also for impactful breakthroughs in basic science. When you collaborate with UW-Madison, you’re leveraging rich intellectual resources on a campus with a wealth of unique instruments, facilities and expertise. Together, we can augment your own R&D efforts to solve business challenges, develop your talent pipeline strategy, and ultimately enhance your competitive advantage. Learn more about our capabilities.

To learn more about how you can partner with us, contact Justin Hines, College of Engineering director of corporate relations, or (608) 262-0578.

Working with us in three simple steps


Set up a conversation with Justin Hines, College of Engineering director of corporate relations, to discuss your organization’s campus goals, and identify opportunities to partner with our faculty on research and/or recruit our students.


Meet with faculty and staff to discuss your specific research interests and/or hiring needs and identify the right path forward. We’ll develop, share and review potential research projects and agreements (including non-disclosure agreements, if applicable) and work together on recruiting strategies that meet your talent needs.


Implement a sound strategic approach to research collaboration and/or a recruitment engagement plan that will help your company meet its goals and objectives.

Agreements that work for you

We have research agreements that work for you, whether you’re looking for a long-term partnership—for example, membership in one of our industry consortia—have a more immediate research need, or something in between.

Research contracts enable your organization to collaborate with our faculty, staff or students to investigate basic questions in science and engineering, pursue development and implementation of new technology or improve upon an existing technology. These contracts offer the opportunity for non-exclusive or exclusive licenses for resulting intellectual property.

Specialized testing agreements enable your organization to collaborate with our faculty, staff or students to test materials, devices and technology using the university’s expansive suite of shared facilities. Under these agreements, your organization owns all test data and results.

Consortia agreements enable your organization to leverage the expertise of our faculty, staff and students, as well as related companies, in field of interest. These agreements provide your early access to new technologies and the opportunity to negotiate a license for existing intellectual property.

Contact us

We want to help you connect with the right people and resources in the College of Engineering (or elsewhere at UW-Madison) to address your specific needs. To learn more, or to get started, contact Justin Hines, College of Engineering director or corporate relations, or (608) 262-0578.